Asoka Perera, PhD Toronto

Shyamon's article published on March 01, 2005 under the caption of "Fishing in turbulent water-thinking time for the jvp" captured my attention. Starting form CWC's demands to stay in UPFA government to JVP's role in post tsunami relief work and finally comparing the prior Hitler's fascist period existed in Germany with present situation in Sri Lanka, he hinted that JVP is in a stage of acquiring the power of state in a fascist manner. I am surprised why Shyamon failed in his critics to explain the why CWC's retained at UPFA government. If I assume Shyamon is not politically partial, he cannot easily compare the situation existed in Hitler's period in Germany with the present situation in Sri Lanka. In Germany, it was a war (I am not justifying it) against the Jewish by Social Nationalist (Nazis) who demanded the authority in controlling German's territory. Nazis led by Hitler wanted all Jews to be eliminated from Germany or massacred without acceptable reasons. In the present context of Sri Lankan terrorist problem, what political activities can Shayamon expect from a political party like JVP? Who is playing Hitler's role? JVP or LTTE? What reasons can Shyamon give to compare the situation in Germany in the past and now in Sri Lanka? Are you indirectly saying that now JVP is in pro Hitler's period to capture the political power in Sri Lanka?

If you are not shopping for SLFP or President CBK, you could elaborate your views more clearly than you write. I guess you deserve your topic for yourself for not being clearly explained the real situation. Shyamon indicates that he is against JVP just because JVP is not doing what he expects or what SLFP needs at the moment. Where are those words of transparency when both parties signed the agreement last year to form the alliance? What happened to the new political culture explained by UPFA government? SLFP seems to have forgotten the recent history. Look at his comments. Just think about the WB director's statement about the release of fund to LTTE? What is UPFA or President CBK's position?

"The JVP is crying "foul" all the time largely to score points over the SLFP. In the meantime, the JVP does work hard with its rank and file donning red caps and attending to a lot of relief distribution"

"The JVP must realize that it has got a good opportunity to work hard, honestly, and sincerely and thereby to woo the electorate. They have a lot to do in gaining experience in government. They must develop their capabilities and their vision."

What does these wording mean? Who hasn't developed their capabilities and vision? Are you still in the winter dormant? Of course not only JVP, the entire UPFA must realize that they have got a good chance to prove themselves capable of solving burning issues of Sri Lanka over UNF. In this situation SLFP or Shyamon is not an independent judge to give the verdict to JVP. SLFP was at that time nowhere if JVP did not come forward to safeguard the party at the time when Hakeem and GL/SB group left the party to join UNF and form a government. In the present situation in Sri Lanka, JVP is doing it's best to avoid Sri Lanka being divided and stay constitutionally as a unitary country. In fact it is only the JVP who is currently working in at least eastern province ignoring LTTE's murderous threats. What else can you expect from JVP to safeguard the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. One could easily be understood that if JVP did not have such a political strength by now, both SLFP and UNP could have jointly donated north and east of our motherland on a platter to LTTE under the influence of international pressure. I don't think that people in Sri Lanka voted for UPFA to promote ISGA concept to settle LTTE issue.

Let me ask Shyamon what therapeutic measures UPFA had after the Tsunami disaster? The country needed huge infrastructure changes after the Tsunami devastation. Can you give a single suggestion that UPFA has given in the post Tsunami relief work? This is one of the reasons why SLFP did not want JVP to be included in post relief work. They knew their inability and needed JVP to be out of the system in order to deal with monitory issues. SLFP still don't show their consent to work with JVP for post Tsunami relief work. This is the place where sincerity and honesty live. SLFP talks too much and produces little while JVP talks little and produce enough.

With the absence of Prabhakaran and his loyalist Pottu Amman, why does UPFA need to formulate a joint mechanism with LTTE for Tsunami relief work? The entire LTTE top structure is gone and therefore, they need a settlement with government before the next breakaway starts. The government at this moment should look every possible alternative to look either to block weakened LTTE or ask them to surrender without bloodshed.

The other topic titled "horse before the cart" by Prof. Hudson McLean has written nothing important other than praising Shyamon's article. Some of his views for JVP are mixed with his own judgments.

"JVP, commonly addressed as Marxist, should be renamed as Patriotic National Party. The guardian of Sri Lankan Sovereignity. Tough demands of JVP but necessary. As the overall monitor of SLG, JVP should now concentrate on maintaining the transparency of the distribution of funds belonging to the Tsunami victims"

I can only agree to the first two sentences of his article and the last one should need his explanation as to what he means by transparency of the distribution of funds. Does it mean that distribution of Tsunami aid needs to be given to separatist? I am awaiting your clear explanation.



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