World Bank Rep.Peter Harrold And His Contentious Comments Put Into Perspective!

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Relative to the furore involving The World Bank, Country Representative Peter Harrold and his contentious comments about the LTTE perhaps it must be borne in mind that all of this appears to be an in direct fallout resulting from the policies of Ranil Wickremasinghe and the previous UNF Government who recognized the LTTE and danced to their tunes on many occassions during their respective tenures despite proscriptions by Leading Nations who labelled them as a group of Fully Armed and Dangerous Terrorists, combined perhaps with a certain degree of neglect by the present administration some of whom also palaver to the LTTE rather than openly state their case that the LTTE are not an officially recognized entity in Sri Lanka but merely the same proscribed Terrorist Group playing to a catch 22 scenario they have been placed in by the prevarications of both administrations and making full use of the hesitancies on the part of the Administration to implement a policy of non- recognition of their terrorist image and east of all that of a de-facto state in the North and East of Sri Lanka which the LTTE profess to be existent while broadcasting it to the World through false propaganda!

The 'catch 22' scenario refered to has been set in place nevertheless through the past armed insurrections of the LTTE which they label as an ethnic conflict within Sri Lanka probably better identified as a terrorist uprising which has claimed nearly 70,000 lives and a ceasefire initiated by the powers that be towards a cessation of the violence and mayhem within the country but this does not in any way detract from the reality that an insurrection has a right side and a wrong side to it when it involves a Sovereign Democracy and its Territorial Integrity as opposed to a group of insurgent terrorists!

Therefore it has to be logically concluded that the Government of Sri Lanka has every right towards recognition as the legitimate party defending sovereign territory and integrity and the party whose entitlements have been disrupted, where the LTTE are the wrongdoers who cannot be given undue recognition beyond a tolerance towards ensuring a lasting peace through their capitulations where the Administration has prefered negotiating a non military solution! The hostilities at times being threatened by the LTTE in light of their present circumstances have to be viewed somewhat circumspectly as sabre rattling with broken swords and none other albeit the wary eye needing to be kept open for the sake of posterity!

It has to be acknowledged also that the previous and the present Administrations through their attitudes and policies totally inconsistent with world opinion about armed terrorism have chosen the means to negotiate with the LTTE as an alternative towards crushing them militarily which has worked favourably towards the tranquility which has prevailed for nearly 3 years within Sri Lanka but has also caused a degree of confusion in the minds of many individuals such as Peter Harrold and even the leader of the United Nations Kofi Annan and previously the leadership of the European Union Patton amongst others who do not seem to have fully comprehended by way of not being been officially informed by the Status Quo, who and what the LTTE are by definition and what they sill continue to be despite multi faceted interpretations.They have never digressed from being unrelenting terrorists and now carry on their meanderings aided by Parliamentary proxies and their continued intimidatory rhetoric aided by an inconsistent pattern of Government policy which often falls short of a responsibility to the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka and its non LTTE Suportive majority as a wishful thinking type of attitude seems to prevails over a need to declare a firm policy which would indicate to the world that these are a indeed a group of wanted criminals, whose leadership is wanted by India, Interpol and the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka where little else remains towards any further clarification of their image, designation and status.

Although it would appear to be a backtracking of the signed peace process and ceasefire ( nevertheless in a stalemate ) it may turn out to be a direction which has been projected by the LTTE themselves who have not only reneged on their obligations towards the signed accords, but continue their surreptitious attacks on their perceived adversaries and their internecine warfare with their breakaway ranks with little or no mandate from the Tamil Community they profess to represent in a vain display of pretence and a consternation to the Nation, The Region and the Entire World. Though subdued as a result of devastations and depletions to their rank and file after the Tsunami which overwhelmed Sri Lanka , they continue to pose problems while maintaining a falsely presented control of the North and East of Sri Lanka proclaiming to the world of a de- facto state within Sovereign Sri Lanka which is not only non existent but also totally inconsistent with official reality.

That Sri Lanka while seeking a negotiated solution to the ehnic conflict does not seem to have made it clear to the world that all territories are being guarded against annexation by impure terrorists as the mechanism of a regional defence agreement with neighbouring Superpowers is currently on the drawing boards! should be the icing on the cake as an overview towards the mentalities of Peter Harrold and his ilk which have not gone down well with the people of Sri Lanka as there is much anger over his attitude and many would like to see him deported which might not necessarily be the solution to the problem!

It has to be concluded that misinterpretations by individuals such as Peter Harrold of the World Bank , Kofi Annan of the UN and others whose interpretations of the LTTE as a legitimate entity in charge of a de-facto state seem distorted at best albeit through no fault of theirs! This does not however grant them or anyone else in a similar capacity any mandate to draw contentious conclusions about a Sovereign Nation and if in doing so irks the wrath of a Nation, face the consequences!



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