Karuna Element, and the fight against World terrorism.

Charles Perera

What all respectable countries ask the terrorist s is, that they give up arms and follow a democratic system to fight for their rights , working together with governments instead of fighting against governments. Sri Lanka in this respect is an example for those States who have started a war against terrorism. Why is Sri Lanka an Example ? Because in Sri Lanka a faction of the main terrorist group the LTTE, lead by Karuna broke away. Karuna says, that he wants to give up fighting against the establishment. His fight is against LTTE for making the Batticaloa Tamils “gun fodder” to protect the Jaffna Tamil tiger leadership. He wants to form a political party and fight for the rights of his people in keeping with democratic principles.

Karuna was a terrorists but to-day he wants to be recognized as one who is against terrorism, recruitment of children as soldiers, black tigers and suicide bombs. But Karuna is dropped by every one, and they continue to pamper the murderous LTTE. Isn’t it the wish of every one who fights terrorism that the terrorists eventually stop being terrorists and become peace loving ordinary people, who will fight for their political rights and civil liberties through available democratic means ?

If a section of the Al-Keida were to breaks away from the main group and tells the Americans that they are giving up terrorism and are willing to fight against Al-Keida, will the Americans turn a deaf ear ? Certainly not, and the Americans will take them as the catalysts to end world terrorism. Where does Karuna element stand in the fight against terrorism ?

But what is the Government and the Civilised countries who are waging war against terrorism do in respect of a terrorist who has given up arms and shows his readiness to accept democratic ways. It is sad that Karuna ‘s courage to say no to the worlds most brutal terrorist, has gone unrecognized. He is left at the mercy of the LTTE pistol gangs, black tiger suicide-bombers, Sinhala mercenaries in the payroll of Tigers.

Karuna should be protected and he should be recognized as a political leader of the Tamils of the Eas-the Batticaloa Tamils who do not want to be dominated by the Jaffna Tamils.

In these circumstances we have no right to speak of collaborating with the tigers to do re-re-construction work in the North and East. See for instance the brutal activities of the tigers within the last two or three days.

1. Tamil Tigers attack Navy Boat.

2. LTTE Recruits 106 children since Tsunami.

3. Tigers Intercept telephone conversations.

4. Gunmen attack police man in east Sri Lanka.

5. Policeman on guard at tsunami ration store shot dead.

6. Military ware concealed in tsunami aid sent to TRO.

7. Government Official Killed at Batticaloa Tech.College.

8. India suspicious about Norways roll in Peace deal.

9. Two persons killed in Batticaloa

These news items appeared during the last two or three days. A LTTE delegation to European countries ( perhaps sponsored by Norway) met high government officials and complained that the Government breaches the MoU. But no one seems to questions these rank atrocities of the LTTE. Are these murders, in keeping with the MoU ? And despite this the President speaks, of a dialogue with the terrorists.

The MoU which the LTTE blatantly violates, becomes all important for them only when the Sri Lanka army intervenes to stop the LTTE committing unlawful acts, calling that a breach of the MoU.

These terrorists are murderers and criminals, and it is high time that they are treated as such. All countries that respect democracy should get behind Sri Lanka to stop these terror mongers, and bring them for trial before a criminal court of law.

The Government should have nothing to do with them as long as they continue their daylight murders. But the Government should recognize Karuna, as a political leader of the people he says he represents and allow him to form a political party.



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