Kofi Annan Was Your Head Buried in Sand When LTTE Slaughtered Innocent Citizens of Sri Lanka?
Rajitha Senaratne, You are Rotten to the Core!


Kofi Annan's hypocrisy makes my hair stand on its end! He is on a path of meddling in Sri Lanka's internal affairs and it should be nipped in the bud! He has condemned the Killing of Kaushalyan and the accompanying of LTTE no-gooders (allegedly by Karuna's boys) but I have not seen one word of protest from him when LTTE slaughtered innocent citizens from all communities in SL. Especially since the fake "ceasefire agreement" (CFA) that Ranil W. (the grand idiot of modern SL) signed with the LTTE, LTTE has had a free hand in killing many political opponents as well as former Army intelligence personnel, totaling over 400. Some have even been killed while their children were made to watch the slaughter and these horrors have largely been ignored by the Norwegians, their stooges in SL the SLMM, the West in general, as well as world-theatre personalities such as Kofi Annan. A Canadian MP recently stated that the horrors committed by the LTTE make what Al Quieda has done look like a child's misbehavior!

The LTTE wants SLMM to investigate the killing of Kaushalyan and his entourage, but I demand SLMM should first start with the backlog of killings that happened since the so called CFA. For instance, who killed, in cold blood, the clique of Karuna supporters in Colombo while they were sleeping? Who killed Karuna's brother Reggie through an identical "ambush" in the same region of SL? The GOSL, nor the SLMM, seems to have assigned the blame on any party although it is known - as certain as the sun rises in the East - that it was the handiwork of LTTE hit squads. LTTE hit squads have had the ultimate freedom (and joy) after the CFA to roam the island and bump-off anyone they chose, with the understanding that they will go scot-free. As I have said in one of my previous submissions, the record of SL Police in apprehending culprits has been an unmitigated abysmal failure. Perhaps, there has also been political interference to "keep things quiet" for the fear of jeopardizing this non-existent CFA! I used to think such interference was the sole work of Ranil and his short-sighted kooks, but I am now inclined to believe that some of the present UPFA govt. honchos have not been exactly enthusiastic in catching the culprits either.

The LTTE is once again uttering its parrot-gibberish that "peace in danger" but now they have also added "Tsunami relief in danger" verse to that worn out mantra. How very amusing this blabbering is!

Never mind "peace in danger" cockamamie we have heard before, but how about the LTTE producing their real leader (not the fake balloon you put forward for the media and the Norwegians - although I fully expect the Norwegians to say it was the genuine V.P. even if the LTTE had produced a water-iguana!) so that he can utter his traditional mayhem-imminent threats to all of us once again? Saddam Hussein had nearly 100 body-doubles, so for the LTTE V.P., being an equal tyrant but a cheap version of Saddam, one would expect there to be at least a handful of body-doubles. In the severely battered state that the LTTE is (in the aftermath of the Tsunami) it would be a death blow to the terrorist outfit to admit that their invincible sun-god leader was washed away in a cesspool of gunk and died unceremoniously. Would that not essentially cripple the desperately needed fundraising from Tamil expatriates? Not knowing the future of the LTTE (sans the murders king V.P.) not many would want to bet their money on a dark horse.

Anyway, what's not amusing is the pitiful whine from UNP's Rajitha Senaratne. This pathetic, bankrupt ole-fart wasted no time in his attempt to score political mileage out of this incident. He is accusing the GOSL of not providing security for the LTTE as per the CFA when it is clear that the LTTE goons violated the CFA by crossing over without declaring their route and asking for protection (frankly, I don't consider we owe these vermin any protection from anybody). Well, as for Rajitha's comments, what else can you expect from a washed-out party that depends on a group of terrorists to swell their ranks in the parliament just so that it can be the governing party?



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