Walter Rajaratne in Sydney

Are we not making Peter Harold a scapegoat by the commotion over his alleged comments with regard to LTTE as Stakeholders to Tsunami Funds? True that he has inadvertently overstepped the tenets of international protocol he should have strictly adhered to representing WB. Nonetheless, in the bigger picture, one would see that the actual culprits of this controversy are those who dragged this war for 20 years to the present alarming proportion.

Ranil W and his full-suit counsellors who perfidiously signed a horribly flawed MOU under the guise of peace at any cost -rather power at any cost - that gave unqualified legitimacy to a bunch of terrorists shall be written in history books as traitors. In the same breath those who drew the road map to the MOU by protracting the war with a coterie of advisors and generals, blatantly syphoning the national coffers too would join the same history books.

The irony is that they not only dished out the wealth of the nation into their overseas vaults but also instilled the fear psychosis that it’s an unwinnable war that we are fighting. Any fair minded Sri Lankan would do everything to avert the cannibalistic war. But are the above lot qualified to yell the “no war” slogan, having played the role of warmonger at some stage or the other, for their ulterior goals. Regardless of this being the sour truth, are we averting the war by bending backward to the pressure of an unrelenting fascist Megalomaniac, waging a humiliating terror campaign, ably assisted by a sinister mediator who would not stop short of Eelam? NO. We are only postponing the date of a more catastrophic war.

CBK, eversince her entry to politics, somersaulting through all unholy platforms is where she wants to be today. She would go to any extent to retain that authority changing the stance to suit the occasion. The events that sent tremors through the UPFA during the weeks passed have given her the confidence that the JVP wouldn’t dare to rock the boat because it’s a demon awaiting across the river. Her rhetoric that 80% of the citizenry would stand by her federal proposal is yet another card played to test the gut feeling of those who salvaged her from a pathetic plight at the hands of Ranil, Rajitha, Ravi triumvirate, just a few moons ago. Wouldn’t it be a grim reminder of a nightmare to her Excellency, in the event JVP arrived at that crass decision? .

If it was your extremist past that gave you the political maturity that you conduct your affairs with today then this is the decisive moment that JVP kept its cool till the time is opportune. So, while engaged in the battle against intruders like Peter Harold, Koffi Annan and Chris Patton hold your breath for the final show down. Undoubtedly this is your acid test boys.



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