Galpilimaya & Bolpilimaya Concept... Dr.Amarasekara must Apologize...!

Ananda Wijesinghe Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera, once upon a time, having written his "Yali Upannemi" and "Karumakkaarayoo" in the fiftees, presumably in his anxiety to stand tall as a young and promising Sinhela author in the national awakening and the advances persevered towards modernized trends in the field of Sinhela Literature - both verse and prose, later apologized to the people for doing those contradictory works.

However, this history of the writer now appears to repeat, even after several decades of maturity and honouring him with the Doctorate of late.

The most pathetic thing prominant in this particular case of 'Galpilimaya & Bolpilimaya' is the writer's audacity to try and protect the seemingly 'anti-Buddhist' (non-Buddhist) film producer, by saying that he sees nothing wrong in blowing up the replica of a Buddha statue, since the story deals with a social issue bigger than this blasting of a Buddha statue. He has been quoted as saying: "This statue was made for a drama. Nobody is worshipping it. This is not a serious issue."

What has been professed now, confirms that the author of the book was possessed with the same concept at the time of his writting it, much contrary to the traditional Buddhist attitude or aspiration now prominent in the despicable 'blow-up' issue.

In the same vein, Dr. Amarasekera may not find anything wrong in the blasting of the great Bamien Buddha statue in the Afghan region where probably none "worshiped" that statue, but created great turmoil and received condemnation internationally by the civilized world.

As a respected and well known Sinhela Buddhist intellectual of reputation coupled with important advocacy and leadership trends, both nationally and politically in the country, I am sure, Dr. Amarasekera would, once again, "apologize to the Buddhist masses and withdraw his statement".



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