Sri Lanka's High Buddhist Clergy
To The Nation's Rescue As The President Gives Them Assurances!

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If sense and sensibility eventually prevails in Sri Lanka from the President's perspective to re-think her unilateral stance on the Joint Mechanism which will send sighs of relief amongst all patriotic Sri Lankans, they will undoubtedly have to thank Sri Lanka's Buddhist Clergy in Parliament the Jathika Hela Urumaya and the National Patriotic Front the JVP for their untiring efforts to confront and divert the direction Sri lanka was headed politically over the last few weeks!.

Already there are signs that the President is re-thinking her move to go it alone in signing the JM with the LTTE terrorists as she has indicated to the media that no agreement will be signed without the consensus of the High Buddhist Clergy. This probably coincides with response to the imminent warnings issued by the JVP to pull out its support of the UPFA and any domino effect of dire consequences of a collapsed Government must surely also be at the back of the President's mind as the pressure on her to rethink strategies on the Joint Mechanism has become extreme!

As an immediate response to the High Buddhist Clergy's involvement in the protests to the Joint Mechanism,The Maha Nayaka Theras of the three Nikayas warned that they may be compelled to issue a Sangagnanava (edict from the Maha Sangha) and call upon all Bhikkus and laymen to gather in one place and hold a mass protest if the Sri Lankan Government "arrogantly" decides to sign the Joint Mechanism agreement without achieving a consensus among all political parties represented in Parliament.

This appears to have been a key factor in the early signs of cracks in Presidential resolve as reported where she has somewhat resignedly stated that there will be no signing of any deals relative to the Joint Mechanism without Buddhist Clergy approval and there are indications already from Kandy that the JHU Secretary Ven.Dr.Omalpe Sobitha Thera who is on a death fast over the JM is likely to call off his fast on being informed of this new development and perhaps augurs well at least as a temporary calm to the ongoing political crisis which could easily have plunged the Nation into turmoil!

In stoic determination and assertion of their influence within Sri Lanka as a guiding force, the Maha Nayaka Theras of All Chapters of the High Buddhist Clergy have been in total agreement thatThe Tsunami disaster has affected all Sri Lankans alike. quoting " All members of the Parliament should be consulted before venturing out for any action with only a section of the community,” which undoubtedly is a cross reference to the LTTE and any preferential treatment which they are not entitled to and perhaps a calming influence on the President's gung ho attitude towards conciliations towards the LTTE which many feared would have projected the Nation towards calamity.

In the usual erudite wisdom of their high Buddhist intellect they have calmed the impending turmoil within the Nation in asserting that it is inaccurate to assume that only the North and East suffered the tsunami disaster and only the North and East merits reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Consequently they have pointed out the irrationality on the the Government's part to join hands with an unrelenting, fully armed terrorist group who are hell bent on dividing the country. It would be veiled pretense on their part to show empathy towards the real needs of the affected victims towards creating any form of machinery to carry out rehabilitation and reconstruction work as participants.

Recently researched intelligence reports point indelibly to the LTTE augmenting their depleted resources all over again after the Tsunami devastations.Two Air Strips with light aircraft landing and takeoff capability have been observed, one in Killinochchi and the other in preparation near Trincomalee.

Indisputable cases of child conscriptions and huge surge of monetary build up towards replenishing their insurgent chest of weaponry.

All this coincides with the brilliant assertions of Buddhist Clergy wisdom and perception as their warnings echo around the Nation that this is the very terrorist entity with which the President had been adamant towards negotiating and perhaps a certain jarring of Presidential senses seems to have transpired consequently although time alone will attest to its real effect albeit benevolent to the Nation on the verge of crisis at present as many analysts see it.



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