London Bombings – Global Terrorism Revisited

By Ratanapala

The terrorists have struck again. This time in London, the so called home of parliamentary democracy. They struck again and without even giving any notice. Apparently, Britain knew that they are going to be attacked and it had been a thing that was waiting to happen.

Our sincere thoughts and condolences go out to those who have lost loved ones and for those who are left with scars both physical and mental. The physical scars may heal, but the mental scars will still be lingering for many years to come. As always it is the innocent who pay for the crimes of omission and commission of their leaders.

What should Britain do in this instance? Should they sign a Cease Fire Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding as we in Sri Lanka have been so wisely counseled by the Western Powers and the Christian Church? Or should they do what the Israeli’s do – target the terrorists, their families and their sympathizers?

When September 11th struck the world thought that there will be a world consensus on how to handle global terrorism. America lost half the script when it made it to be an attack against “Fortress America”. When they attacked the Taliban and deposed them we thought for a moment they were on the right track. When they invaded Iraq they broke the consensus and lost the full script; it was more than obvious that the Americans were making a grab for the Iraqi Oil under the pretext of fighting global terrorism. Britain still reeling from her lost imperial ambitions is seeking some solace playing second fiddle to the Americans. Now for Al Qaeda reeling from their defeat in Afganistan, Iraq became a ‘cause celebre’ and they took to franchising their know how and technology world wide to other disaffected groups. Therefore it is not wrong to assume that America, Britain and others who made up the “Coalition of the willing” are the ones who helped Al Qaeda to clone themselves.

The Bali attacks came and went. Many including British, American and Australians lost their lives. All these are still construed as attacks on the First World, the Western World and the Christian World by forces inimical to their hegemony on world affairs. Terrorism in the rest of the world has not been a concern for them.

Terrorism is a phenomenon which is outside the norms of the civilized world. Therefore it should not be afforded the luxury of being treated under the privileges that are afforded to common law criminals. Terrorists have broken their social contract with society. They should be handled and prosecuted under special laws made especially for that purpose. In the same way the world united to eradicate Smallpox from the world, it should unite to eradicate terrorism. If they try to draw differences with LTTE terrorism and Al Qaeda terrorism then they have already lost the battle against terrorism. On the day the world powers take a clear cut and unbiased stand against terrorism and understand that like smallpox, terrorism too is a universal scourge and that the terrorists and their breeding grounds should destroyed decisively, then only they will be able to say to the rest of the world – “You are either with us or against us”.

This however is not possible by relegating countries like Sri Lanka to sign Cease Fire Agreements (CFA) with terrorist or enter into Memoranda of Understandings. Since signing these agreements and MOUs the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka have killed and maimed hundreds, have abducted and continue to abduct hundreds of children for recruitment as child soldiers. While thousands of CFA infringements have taken place the Viking cease fire monitors continue to look the other way and have actually colluded with terrorists to strengthen their armories and other wherewithal.

The cancer of terrorism thrives wherever there are disaffected groups of people. The misplaced sympathy towards such groups from interests groups in far away places fuels terrorism. In civilized society there is always recourse to justice however long it takes and therefore no amount of disaffection should be made a cause to take up terrorism. However long such procedure may take in this imperfect world, terrorism should not be an alternative, simply because the victims are innocent people. Addressing of the causes of disaffection if genuine should be given the highest priority.

Then there is the dimension of Human Rights activists and Peace Merchants, most of them on the pay of the terrorist organizers and sympathizers. They form a ‘strong fifth column’ from within the security of the society to white wash terrorist atrocities. For them terrorists are freedom fighters. They defend their atrocities no matter how gruesome such acts are. They too are terrorists in sheep skins!

Terrorism in Sri Lanka is a clear case in point. Tamil Tiger Terrorism in Sri Lanka was fuelled, and funded mainly by the misplaced sympathy of the Christian Church and far away Christian nations around the world, because it fitted their evangelical agenda and neocolonialist plans for the region. The Church tills in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand continue to fund and support them today. This is in spite of the fact that the LTTE is branded as a banned terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, Britain and Australia.

(There are those in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand who have put the blame on Sinhalese Buddhists for the July ’83 riots in Sri Lanka. They know that it is Christian JRJ, his Ministers and their goondas who were responsible for that dastardly crime. The present Leader of the Opposition – Christian Ranil Wickramasinghe was a minister of that government. For all of them to put the blame on Sinhalese Buddhists was simply convenient.)

Today after years of helping the traitorous political leaders to mismanage the war on terrorism in Sri Lanka the western powers have forced the largely terrorist sympathizer infiltrated Sri Lankan government to sign a Cease Fire Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Tiger Terrorists the LTTE. To add insult to injury they have now forced the beleaguered Sri Lankan government led by the traitorous President CBK to create another P-TOMS ( Post Tsunami Operations Management Structure) with the LTTE terrorists under the pretext of disbursing the International Tsunami Aid Funds to those affected by the Tsunami. This they have done while knowing perfectly well where those funds will finally end!

All these are in spite of the fact that the LTTE are the modern day fathers of the Suicide Bombers. This in spite of the fact that LTTE have been responsible for the killing of nearly 60,000 civilian Sri Lankans and for a string of terrorist assassinations involving the deaths of Rajiv Ghandhi – a former Prime Minister of India, President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, scores of other political leaders both Sinhalese and Tamil and thousands of innocent civilians. Today they are feted and treated like royalty by visiting western ‘dignitaries’ as well as by the International Funding Agencies. Civilized society seems to have lost all bearings in tackling terrorism!

In the years ahead it is crystal clear that the price of eradicating terrorism is increased security and a corresponding loss of personal freedoms. If civilized society is to survive the scourge of terrorism then it is unavoidable that quality of human rights and democracy will suffer collateral damage. Visions of Universal Human Rights and Democracy are only mirages we have created for ourselves. While they are good ideals their realization in the present day world is simply wishful thinking. Not facing up to realities can only lead to more chaos and the end of civilized society as we know it. Then we will all be back in the jungle – this time in the concrete jungles we have created for ourselves - where there will be perfect freedom and absolutely no security and where there will be the law of the jungle – ‘kill or be killed’.

We wish Britain all the very best in their fight against terrorism. Please don’t even contemplate of signing CFAs or MOU s with terrorists. Terrorists don’t belong in the civilized world. Global terrorism should be condemned wherever it is spawned and destroyed wherever it is found.

Today I listened to a program in CNN – an attempt to understand what global terrorism is. There was not even a mention of the LTTE - the most vicious and brutal terrorist organization in the world today – those who introduced genocidal bombings and fathers of suicide bombers. It slowly dawned on me that they too have lost the whole script!



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