London Bombings on July 7, 2005-An Open Letter to Prime Minister of Canada

Ira de Silva London, Ontario, Canada

Hon. Paul Martin
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Sir,

I read with interest your comments after the bombings in London, England. "The London bombings are an unspeakable attack on the innocent. Our collective freedom has come under assault today by those who would use violence and murder to force extremism upon the world. We must, and we will stand against these terrorists and we will do so together."

I am writing to commend you on your statement as well as to say that it is not sufficient to just make statements - actions speak louder than words, so I am reminding you that we have in our midst in Canada, leaders and supporters of one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world, namely the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. You are well acquainted with this terrorist group's supporters having attended a fund raising event by them in Toronto. You are also aware that the Liberal Party is dragging it's feet in designating this group as a terrorist organization in Canada in Bill C36, even though by your own government's criteria they "qualify" as one, because of your expectation that these terrorist sympathizers will support Liberal party candidates, particularly in Toronto.

This particular group, the LTTE have been using violence and murder for over twenty two years in Sri Lanka. They are a "world terrorist " group in that they have killed a prime minister of India. Their leader has been found guilty of murder in that terrorist attack. Just this week the LTTE are reported to be training the rebels in Nepal in suicide bombings and other forms of terrorism. As you must be aware, they perfected the art of suicide bombings long before any other group used this method. They are in fact using violence and murder and forcing extremism upon the world. Given your statement, what will be your stand against these terrorists whose front organizations are openly operating in Canada?

Now is the time to act and join such countries as the United States, Great Britain, Australia, India and designate the LTTE as a terrorist organization in Canada. If you are sincere in "standing together" with other countries against terrorism, designating the LTTE as a terrorist organization in Bill C36 will be a good start. As the LTTE are known as a terrorist organization around the world, the rest of the world will know that Canada does in fact act against terrorists, that you are sincere in your stand against terrorism and above all a man of principle.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Ontario, Canada



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