LTTE through Thamilselvam's Latest Rhetoric Are Barking Up The Wrong Tree !

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S.P. Thamiselvam the high talking LTTE spokesperson of ite political wing has said in KILINOCHCHI, Sri Lanka, Dec 10 in a statement to the Reuters press agency that the Sri Lankan government faces its final opportunity to avert a return to civil war, the Tamil Tigers have warned, vowing to use all available resources to fight unless given a homeland.

This is a foolish and utterly irresponsible talk which can only come from the mindset of an ignoramus who neither has the backing of the entire Tamil community at his disposal towards such a high handed statement nor is he considering the dire implications on himself and the motley band of scattered terrorists he now represents.

If this is what he or his terrorist ilk consider sabre rattling against the Government of Sri Lanka it might soon be proven that he will indeed have his confrontation and that the Government of Sri Lanka will have no compunctions about defending Sovereign Territory where there is no question about this so called Tamil Homeland ever manifesting into reality nor any rights set aside for terrorists within a framework of sovereignity supported by the World Superpowers and the international accords against global terrorism.

In the end it could be an eventuality they might regret should the LTTE force the hand of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces that they would have set in motion the wheels of their total annihilation which in a sense would augur well for all concerned realistically though detrimentally so towards the well being of the Nation, its economy and posterity in a logistical sense!

The devastations of armed conflict would assure this reality! The sooner individuals such as Thamilselvam muzzle their idiotic comments the better it would probably be for their existence as well as the well being of Sovereign Sri Lanka for which in a realistic sense is the only justification towards positive decision making!

The recently souped up and highly pretentious speech alleged to have been made by The Tiger leader Prabhakaran in his "Heroes Day Address" by someone who in reality is presumed deceased and no longer amongst the living according to many intelligence sources, pointing towards whoever the spokesperson was (in all probabilities Thamilselvan in lieu of a missing Prabhakaran!) has threatened to resume the LTTE struggle next year unless given political powers in the North and East of Sri Lanka which sounds more like a spoilt child asking for candy in the face of being denied it and has said somewhat obtusely that "the deadline depended on the response from new President His Excellency Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse.

In the same breath it has been said "the LTTE don't prefer war but If a war is thrust on the Tamil people, the Tamil people and the LTTE (will) make use of all the resources available to fight back," as S.P. Thamilselvan, head of the Tigers' political wing, has told Reuters in the northern rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi in an interview late on Friday.

Inboldly stating that that the entire Tamil communutity is supportive of the man's rhetoric outlinesthe the irresponsible nature of this statement and proves furthere the desperations the LTTE seem to have as indicated by much of their latest activity.

Thamilselvam has assumed much more than what constitutes the stark reality that this is a mere illusion that all Tamils are behind his Standard of mendacity and there are growing numbers within his own community which scorn amd repudiate his logic as the record now shows!

There seems to be a conflict in the mindset of Thamilselvam on this euphemism about the avoidance of conflict when aligned with the provocations the LTTE have continued to thrust on the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as it seems more like LTTE desperation that they are attempting to engage the SLA at this time! Unsure of their real resources yet defiant in their bleatings about a non existent capability which never seems to have recovered sufficiently after the devastations incurred during the Tsunami and a typical loser mentality nonetheless and the idealogy behind the cowardice of the suicide bomber whose desperations eventually cause his or her own destruction!

Here they are! condemned internationally as dangerous and unrelenting terrorists yet uttering ultimatums to a Sovereign Democratic Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations that they consider this ito be an important final opportunity,"where Thamilselvam has said the Tigers would give Colombo a "short space" to come up with a peace blueprint that accepts their demands for a homeland for ethnic Tamils and self-determination".

This sounds so much like a wash of backwater bilge that it seems hardly worth paying attention to beyond finding a viable means towards quelling their aggression and trashing their rhetoric through every means available to the Sri Lankan Status quo!These are unfortunate reprisals of the errors in granting too much leeway to their presence in Sri lanka by previous leaders and administrations for which a price in ramifications is now being paid and the consciousness towards preventing it gaining further momentum probablty a top Governmental priority!

Thamilselvam and the LTTE should never indulge in provocative statements nor underestimate the direction in which the New Administration of H.E. Mahinda Rajapakse is headed despite his first choice being negotiation and should never take kindness for weakness which will not only further push them towards their inevitable oblivion but minimize whatever slim chances they may ever have of negotiating their survival after they come clean of their terrorist image should any attrocities be initiated by them against Sovereign Sri lanka!

There is no such thing as "a short space of time for Colombo to respond " as alluded to by the LTTE as the short space of time towards their existence to the contrary might be the more plausible eventuality considering how hard they are trying to activate it voluntarily!

In short the LTTE and Thamilselvam are literally barking up the wrong tree!



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