Canadian Attitude Towards Sri Lankan relief Aid Could be Misconstrued As LTTE Favourable!

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"Is Canada playing a dangerous game of chess which could have ramifications towards Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict?" is a question beginning to evolve in the minds of many analysts carefully monitoring Canada's response to Sri Lanka's Disaster Relief needs and also wonder if they have an agenda which leans partially in the direction of the LTTE as may observers within the international community and Sri Lankan diaspora overseas seem to think.

In a somewhat late and lukewarm response The Canadian Diaster Assistance Relief Team DART was eventually despatched to Sri Lanka and are now setting up relief operations albeit in circumspect perspective about their direction and the attitude they seem to be adopting.Canada has also pledged $ 400 million (a marked increase to the previous sum of $80 million!) over the next 5 years which is magnanimous and surely appreciated by Sri Lanka all of which with respect to all the Tsunami devastated areas of the world desperately need but worth little if there is a pre-condition favouring the LTTE in how it is disbursed in Sri Lanka and Canada probably needs to make this point crystal clear that there will be no favouritism involved as the latest news item suggests!

Sounding somewhat self asserted that theirs might be more meritworthy than that of others about the aid they are giving Sri Lanka if the latest reports on a ( CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Company, Prime Time Television News Item can be interpreted correctly, Prime Minister Paul Martin is reported to have said that quote" Canada will be in Sri Lanka for a long time and that they will dispense directly the aid required for Tamil controlled areas " and sounds like a statement made unilaterally notwithstanding the protocols involving the recipient Nation Sri Lanka as though they have been brushed aside in pomposity. No courtesies seem to have been extended relative to Sri Lanka's standpoint of welcome which would seem obligatory and Canada seems willing to circumvent expectations of the Sri Lankan Government in order to reach their objectives towards how they will direct their actions in dispensing the Aid through their direction which if interpreted correctly seems somewhat curious.

Perhaps it may be necessary for Sri Lanka to make it perfectly clear to the Canadian Authorities that they cannot be unilateral in their dispensations of aid in so called Tamil Controlled areas especially if it involves financial aid which is more than likely to end up in the hands of terrorists and would effectively be used to bolster their war chest, a point which the Government coalition partner in the UPFA Administration the(JVP ) Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna -Peoples Liberation Front has made clear in their recent dialogue with other world dignitaries such as UN leader Koffi Annan, US Secretary General Colin Powel etc. amongst others.It seems quite logical in this respect that financial aid should be regulated through Government sources so as not to fall into the hands of the terrorists towards their own objectives dissociated from the humanitarian need.

Canada should exercise caution if this is indeed the case and their intentions as Sri Lanka has no obligations to be servile to the Canadian direction or stand at attention to a principle which bifurcates the terrorist issue which is not only undiplomatic but unconstitutional given the fact that Canada is also a democratic nation upholding democratic values and taking into consideration that Sri Lanka is embroiled in an ethnic conflict which has gone into remission by virtue of the ceasefire and peace agreement and hardly a need even inadvertently to ursurp it.Sensitivities relative to the issue at hand being predominantly imperative towards respecting as the case may be on the part of Canada! Already certain elements particularly the Tamil National Alliance (a proxy of the Tiger terrorists and its leader V Sampanthan have made advances to the Canadian Government indicating a desire to obtain aid directly from Canada with many lame excuses of Sri Lankan Governmental neglect towards their populated areas hit by the disaster which the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Ottawa. Canada, The Hon. Mrs.Geetha de Silva has highlighted in a media address on public television and perhaps the Candian authorities are unaware of the theatrics of the LTTE in this respect.

The CBC broadcast subject to correct interpretation has also emphasized that Canada's stance would be broadbased on the reality that there is a vast population of expatriate Sri Lankans (Tamils) living in Canada who need to be appeased and that hinted that it probably gives Canada justification towards their attitude to search out Tamil areas in order to directly dispense aid but is bound to irk many other Sri Lankan diaspora globally as well as the Sri Lankan Authorities should Canada adopt this stance as it would provide a platform for the LTTE terrorists to justify their existence. To cap it all up in unmitigated irony Canada is also a nation which has proscribed the LTTE as an illegal terrorist outfit and banned their activity within Canada so why the double standard or has there been some minor misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the facts? or by sheer mischance is there some kind of soft pedalling by Canada on an issue of vital importance to the sovereign and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka not being fully aware of its implications and ramifications?

There are indications also of an administrative tussle involving the Sri Lankan Authorities - the PA and JVP, the Opposition UNP ( UNF) members headed by the Opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and the Tamil National Alliance , a parliamentary proxy of the terrorist LTTE and their newly set up Tamil Relief Organization (TRO) which in all probabilities is a front for covert and surreptitious activities of the LTTE rather any real relief efforts according to many experts. The real agenda of the TRO has also been recently highlighted by a group of independent Tamils within and outside Sri Lanka as impure and that they are a front for the terrorist objectives of the Tamil Tigers.

While the Sri Lankan Government very justifiably has insisted and laid down strict requisitions to all concerned that all aid has to be channeled through Governmental sources for obvious security reasons given the situation in the country, there is divided opinion in some of the opposition camps opposed to President Chandrika Kumaratunga that this is unnecessary and appears to be the identical stance which the Candian authorities seem to be taking and is probably inspired by the fallout of this internal administrative conflict in Sri Lanka where at the end of it all Canada could more than likely end up being accused of meddling in the internal affairs of Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka by the hard core radical element within Sri Lanka and that it appears to be indicating a bi-partisan favourability towards the LTTE and their proxies despite the emphasis on the word "Humanitarian Effort" which must never be permitted to be transposed into a Terrorist Effort! This would be a tremendous loss for Canada's image as a non aligned nation and sad would be the day such an interpretation would be given world publicity despite its accuracies.

All of this will eventually point to the accusations by Canadian Sri Lankan Organizations such as (SLUNA) Sri Lanka United National Association and others of similar objectives and affiliation who have in the past vehemently protested against Canadian favouritism and bias towards Sri Lanka's terrorist organization the Tamil Tigers where leading politicians have openly participated in activities of LTTE fronting groups within Canada which have involved leaders of opposition Canadian political parties such as the( NDP) New Democratic party such as Mr Jack Layton, as well as the present Liberal Prime Minister during his tenure as Finance minister in the previous administration together with a fellow cabinet member Maria Minna in the former John Chretien Cabinet.

The was latter eventually dismissed from her job though on an unrelated matter according to the record! Nevertheless the direction taken by the Canadian Authorities appear to make many wonder whether or not the bias has continued and is now beginning to manifest itself in the Sri Lankan Tsunami Relief Programme also! The NDP leader Layton participating in a Toronto Rally at Queens Park, commemorating Tamil Heroes during the latter part of 2004 has also openly compared the notorious Tiger Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran( whom many now believe has been swept away by the Tsunami though unconfirmed) to the revered South African Humanitarian Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela causing a furore over his statement amongst many discerning people both Sri Lankan and other, due to the ludicrousness and disparity of the comparison where written protests were submitted to the Canadian Government as an indication of the general sentiment amongst many.

All things considered, the analogy might be drawn well within reason that if other relief aid given by countries such as the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, Spain and the rest of the nations involved, have agreed to the Sri Lankan Government being the intermediary in charge of disbursing and distributing the Aid and Relief which would seem to be the proper course of actions why the special need for direct Canadian involvement with the LTTE in areas predominently inhabited by their supporters according to the information at hand and what the News Broadcast was probably implying?

Are the travesties of bi-partisan politics also creeping into Sri Lanka's Tsunami Relief Effort and surfacing in an eyebrow raising manner suggesting further complications to a situation already complicated where the Nation involved professes to be the most recognizable Non- Aligned Nation in the world in the processof aiding one of the hardest hit and most unfortunately also bungling it?

Like they say in Canada,"Pity Aint It Eh ?" if true !



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