Asian Tsunami Cannot Be Compared With Other Conflicts!

Prof. Hudson McLean

It is unfair to compare the Mother Nature's avenge, the Asian Tsunami with other Man-made conflicts around the world, such as in Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur, Bosnia, Iraq or the conflicts in Afghanistan etc.

The global population, in a deep state of shock, quite rightly, decided to extend its generosity to those affected by the Asian Tsunami, because no one knows where and when the next Tsunami might strike. The build-up to the Asian Tsunami quake, according to experts, took almost 300 million years. It has also shorten the day's time by a few milliseconds. Hopefully, the world may be prepared to prevent any similar devastation, if and when the next Tsunami strikes.

African conflicts are largely caused by self-centered, selfish evil persons lining their own pockets with billions of dollars, like most of the political despots in African countries. Such political despots are common in other Nations too, from the Generals to the peons, in most countries around the world, including in Sri Lanka. At the sametime the gun-runners and the weapons industry are printing bundles.

The announcement of the appointment of PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC), an Auditor of international standing to maintain transparency,supervise the distribution of UN funds is a welcome step. Information on any suspected activity should be transmitted to PWC, who are donating their services, Free of Charge.

To the corrupt politicians, the political arena is like running a casino, where the House always wins.

The United Nations, before appealing to the donors to be equally fair to those affected by conflicts in Africa, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan (exception due to earthquake in Bam), should correct the situation at the root of the conflict. Most of these conflicts could have been nipped in the bud with a rapid reaction UN Force (like the NATO) with a mandate to act with force, where necessary.

The countries which suffered the (Act of God) Tsunami human disaster cannot blame any third party (hopefully the Indonesian Defence Forces take appropriate actions against the Aceh terrorists, as well as SLDF should consider same if and when LTTE stirs the pot), it is the duty of the entire global population to provide the maximum possible assistance to help the victims to start rebuilding their shattered lives.

There should be no comparison, although it may sound inhumane, I am sorry to say, between the Asian Tsunami disaster and DRC conflicts or cruel Darfur massacres. The world has watched these conflicts every day on TV news and seems no end to such conflicts in Africa. Pouring aid to the wrong hands only keeps the fires burning indefinitely.

UN has a mandate to be fair and equal, but let us stop whining and get on with the priorities. If the UN is so concerned with these conflicts, Stop looking at the victims of the conflict, but address the Root of the cause first!

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