West’s zealous desire and determination to subjugate and rule Afro- Asian and Latin American countries have taken various forms in the past and continue to emerge in new shapes and fashions. Imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, nuclear non-proliferation, freeze on weapons production, globalization, are some of the systems and diktats enforced by Western nations to enslave the people, rob the resources and retard development of poor nations, and utilize natural and human resources of poor countries for the sustenance and development of their nations. As the capability of using the military might is dwindling under the new circumstances, Non Governmental Organizations called the NGOs is the new weaponry being used to enslave poor countries such as Sri Lanka.

Traditionally there were various societies in Sri Lanka catering to various segments of the society and their activities were harmless and confined to a particular area or a group of the society. These societies functioned without offending other communities or other segments of the society commanding admiration of everyone. Rural Development Societies, Dayaka Sabhas, Maha Bodhi Society, YMBA, YMCA, YMMA, Wew Sabhas, Mahila Samithiya, Ramakrishna Mission are some of these societies that rendered enormous service to various segments of our society amicably and with goodwill and harmony.

The NGO menace is an evil malady engulfed our country through the pernicious open-economy introduced in 1977. The government of 1977 introduced several steps to distance itself from providing welfare services, and allow foreign nationals and organizations to get involved in the economic, educational and social activities of the country. There was a steady flow of NGOs to Sri Lanka during this period and several hundred appendages of foreign organizations were established as NGOs in the post-1977 period. To facilitate the activities of these evil bodies and gratify the foreign governments the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 was introduced. By 1990 there were about 3000 NGOs in Sri Lanka and the government was devoid of any framework to monitor their activities.

It is not a secret that the goodwill and harmony existed for several centuries between ethnic communities in Sri Lanka have been severely dented by the activities of these NGOs, since many of them either support the terrorist LTTE or have become clandestine organizations dedicated for conversions. The Organisations devoted to conversions not only operate in the government areas but actively and vigorously function in the terrorist occupied non-liberated areas. They mistakenly consider the terrorist outfit as an entity controlled by Christians without grasping the true nature and the objectives of the terrorists, which is nothing other than segregation and establishment of the so-called Eelam. They have been made to believe the concocted Eelam version that Tamils had a separate independent administration in Sri Lanka and Sinhala Buddhists have continuously discriminated them.

Many of these NGOs are representative bodies of international concerns, and some are covert entities of foreign governments. The CIA has publicly admitted of using information gathered by certain NGOs in various countries to influence foreign policy of those countries. Former CIA Director John Deutch had admitted that CIA uses clergymen and newspapermen as their intelligence agents.

Many countries realizing the threat posed to their sovereignty by these NGOs have restricted their operations to certain non-important areas. There are some countries that have even expelled NGOs for involvement in conspiracies to topple their regimes. Kumar Rupasinghe’s Norway funded “International Alert” is one such NGO. Patriotic forces since the formation of the Freedom Alliance government last year has been continuously demanding to restrict the activities of the NGOs as some of the NGOs had been openly demanding for change of laws, institutionalize the wicked ISGA proposal, concede to terrorist demands etc. However, these demands have failed to gain weight yet, presumably due to certain unknown reasons.

One good thing done by the Tsunami waves was the exposure of the clandestine nature of many NGOs that had been acting against the interest of the country. It has been discovered that several NGOs brought controversial items to the terrorist outfit concealed in the relief containers. Despite two helicopters brought hidden in containers were discovered, the Wanni Tigers are reported to be in possession of two light aircrafts. As there were no reports of arms shipments smuggled in recently, undoubtedly these two light aircrafts could have been smuggled through relief containers that went unchecked immediately after the Tsunami. Notwithstanding government’s declaration that all donations and assistance to occupied areas should be channeled through government authorities, many NGOs deliberately violated these norms and handed over various items, including fishing vessels, outboard motors etc., to the terrorist outfit and these items could be used by the terrorists to revamp its naval unit. Several hundred vehicles have also been given in this manner. As some weapons were detected stuffed in relief containers there is every possibility that NGOs could have helped to smuggle in weapons in the early containers.

Many NGOs have become extremely powerful in Sri Lanka and directly involve in dictating terms to the government on how to handle certain things and level severe criticism on the government’s activities when such activities were not to their liking. Certain NGOs virtually function as Sri Lanka is ruled by them and not by the elected government. When the government imposes certain restrictions in the national and security interests many NGOs blatantly circumvent these restrictions and make them completely ineffective. Many NGOs dealt directly with the terrorist front organization TRO (Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation) knowingly that it is none other than the Wanni Tiger outfit, and it had been banned in certain countries.

It is imperative that the elected government should exercise its absolute authority on all matters relating to governance of the country. NGOs, foreign organizations or even foreign governments may help and assist Sri Lanka to overcome certain problems or in rebuilding the nation. Such assistance and help should always confine and adhere to the policies and objectives of the government and not otherwise. They should never be allowed to influence the government to abide by their vicious intrigues. Enactment of laws to curtail the arrogance and self-imposed independence of the NGOs is extremely critical. Unless the government gives top priority to this matter, the vicious NGOs will negate the sovereignty of the people and once again bring Sri Lanka under the bastion of foreign domination, as there are many treacherous Don Juans to help them.



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