Report on Christianity conversion

By Thush Sam

Dear All Sri Lankans,

After reading the below news article published by Sri Lankan Daily News paper on 03/05/2005, anybody will be thinking that the attack carried out by some set of people to the churches are wrong. Or anti conversion bill (yet to be approved) is a useless thing. But in an environment such as the country’s political parties are indirectly supporting not to bring anti conversion law, we must think what has left for the civilized people to do?

The different NGO’s and human rights organizations are openly safe guarding people who are destroying Buddhism, Sri Lankan culture and stability of the peace in the country. At first they helped the terrorism and now when the country’s economy goes down, they started the Christianity conversion timely. Now the situation is such, any government who come in to the power has to depend on large amount of money that are given by these NGO’s and human right organizations. This is the stage indirectly NGO’s and human right organization are trying to take control of the existing government.

As per the human right organizations, they demand that the existing government should ensure that the freedom of worship. Why can’t we ask them who disturb that closure first by converting to Christianity? Today they don’t even scared to issue kind of public statements to convince readers that the attacks carried out against these work are inhuman. Remember, you’ll are the culprits. Not the people who went against Christianity conversions. The report indicates that the pastor Priyanjith Perera was engaged in Tsunami relief work in the area. In that case he shouldn’t have any troubles, as he and his church would have protected by tsunami-affected people in the area. But nothing has happened like that. Pastor’s main job was to distribute essential items to tsunami victims who is willing to convert or already converted.

The National Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka (NCFSL), the umbrella organization representing the independent indigenous churches in Sri Lanka, should be expelled for representing and allowing Christianity conversions in Balapitiya and around the country. I would like to know how many Muslims were converted in Balapitiya? The answer is very few or none. In that case they have converted all Buddhist people and their ultimate target is to convert all Buddhists. Don’t you think this is inhuman?

The country’s Buddhist monks should bring the anti conversion bill immediately to avoid these attacks. The Christian church have managed to delay bringing the anti conversion bill for the approval by utilizing their money. I would like to ask all Buddhist monks, what are you’ll doing living in the Buddhist country? This is the time to leave all the political differences and get together as Buddhist monks and fight against this Christianity conversions. If not, tomorrow we may hear a pastor is killed and his church is burned.

As Sinhalese we did not attacked Tamils or Muslims until they attacked us.

As Buddhists we did not attacked until they started conversions.





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