Karuna who broke away from LTTE should be acclaimed by the Government and the International Community.

Charles Perera

America and many other countries have vowed to fight terrorism in the world and called upon the terrorists to give up their arms and fall in line with a democratic political system, or face the might of their armed forces. But Norway friendly with the terrorists of Sri Lanka for still unknown reasons, had agreed to a negotiated settlement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the terrorists. However, the terrorists agreeing to a negotiated settlement , at the same time continued to equip themselves with arms and ammunitions and built a strong armed force. They unleashed their campaign of terror in absolute freedom having signed a CFA, which “amputated” the defensive arms of the Sri Lanka Military forces.

The Government of Sri Lanka “tricked” in to a false belief of support by the International Community lead by Norway, has not been able to get the terrorists to give up arms and join the democratic political system. They have instead increased with impunity their terrorism, killing all those who are opposed to them, members of other Tamil political parties, government officers, recruiting children as soldiers, kidnapping, torture, ethnic cleansing, etc.

In the mean time a group of terrorists lead by a Colonel in their grade, Karuna, broke away from the main terrorist group and agreed to give up arms and accept the democratic political system. He has even formed a political party, in conformity, with what all civilised democratic countries, like the United States of America, U.K., Norway, Japan, and Canada, expect all terrorists to do.

But unfortunately in Sri Lanka, despite the fact that we have this Karuna faction of the terrorists who broke away from the main terrorist group, and are willing to give up arms and become a part of the democratic system, neither the Government of Sri Lanka nor the International Community seem to have taken any notice of the importance of this event, and instead continue to appease the terrorists who are bent on a separatist terror campaign.

It is time that Karuna is given a proper place in the Sri Lanka politics and recognised by the International Community as one who has given up terrorism in respect of democratic principles. If not it would be clear that the International Community is merely paying lip service, to their avowed fight against world terrorists, having their own Agenda , secretly backing terrorism, to reap benefit from breaking up sovereign states with strategic importance.

For the government of Sri Lanka recognising Karuna’s giving up terrorism to join the democratic system should be all the more reason to break up the present North and East and recognize East as a separate province.



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