Endorsing The Brave Words Of A Worthy Professor Mac Lean!

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An arachaic Ceylonese Anglican hymn once had a verse which was subsequently removed out of embarrassment to the Colonials who ruled the land at the time and worded in part as "Ceylon The Resplendent Isle Where Only Man Is Vile! " and how true this adage has proved to be over the past few decades.

It has now been endorsed to the maximum by yesterday's brutal and meaningless gunning down of one of the Nation's most prominent and best loved and respected Sons, The Hon Lakshman Kadirgamar a Statesman, Patriot and Peace envoy of the highest calibre who fought his hardest to retain Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity yet gunned down in a meaningless hail of bullets fired by a collective group of deranged criminals with no real right to their existence within Sovereign Sri lanka and sums up the despicable and wretched mentalities and vicious harbingers of evil the Nation of Sri Lanka has become polluted with.

Ever since an apology to humanity by name of the LTTE infiltrated its tranquility and has gone on to gain some inroads with the help of the Devil himself towards their so called objectives which have only translated to maim, kill and destroy for such is the path terrorists envisage towards their assured existence and survival and time appropriate for this idealogy to be disillusioned, trashed and invalidated beyond any norm of interpretation associated with patience tolerance.

It has been said in all wisdom by the evergreen sage Professor Hudson Maclean who never minces his words that"The aging Toothless Tiger is on its last leg. Now a Pariah alongside other terrorists such as Al Qaeda, being ignored by even the sensible Muslims." to which can be added " Despicable and deplorable murderers, directionless maniacal vagrants and descendants of once subservient outcasts whose arms and ammunition have been funded for by equally directionless expatriates out of frustration that they could never acquire for themselves this land so replendent where trash such as the LTTE and their ilk are absolutely and totally unwelcome and need to be sought out and destroyed, not bartered with or palavered to as a result of a few ignominiously supportive nations such as Norway who also have a track record for leaving the Middle East In a shambles yet certain blinkered factions within the Sri Lankan Administration revere them as angels of mercy rather than the Devil's advocates in confused ignorance!

In a delightful display of satirical verbiage it has been observed by the learned Professor Maclean that "the Tamils who were supporting the LTTE Terrorists are covering beneath their saris and shawls for fear of actions and reactions from USA and EU.

When Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia are kicking out their own home grown terrorists, the only safe haven the Sri Lanka Tamil Terrorists have is the Kingdom of Norway" point in case for the Sri Lankan Administration to pay attention to." to which may be added :

This particular example of degenerate sub-humans who name themselves after an non-indigenous species of big cat only have one thing in common with the four footed feline which is " desperate when cornered and dangerous with their stalking capabilities " but then the indigenous tigers of Asia were hunted to near extiction so why not these?

It brings on a sardonic cackle or two to continue reading Professor Maclean who continues with his affable diatribe that "Dr. "Death" Bala should watch his rhetoric. Although he carries a British Passport as a "Banana Boat" immigrant via Thailand, for he might have to return the same way.

His blood-thirsty Aussie wife who trained the LTTE women suicide squads might be sent back to live in a "Roo" farm." words which would surely have raised the spirits of any audience gathered in the BMICH perhaps, to pay homage to fallen leader Kadirgamar whose spirit of endurance must surely prevail over his beloved Sri Lanka for time eternal!

Indeed with all the eloquence which can be mustered as the indignant and angered fires of an entire Nation are fanned by the delightful dialogue of Professor Maclean another of Sri lanka's fine patriotic outspoken sons of great literary talent and perception, it can only be endorsed countless times over and reiterated that "These LTTE are Terrorists. Murderers and Scum.

No one should negotiate with the Devil. The LTTE do not deserve a hearing or a place in any civilized society. They have no right to demand or to dictate anything to the Sri Lankan Government. Flush them down the toilet! The jungles of Sri Lanka should be cleaned up right NOW!

Let the Sri Lankan Army and the Navy do the cleaning up. Give them Carte Blanche!




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