Has The Canadian Prime Minister's Latest Goodwill Gesture Towards Sri Lanka Been Undone By Some oF His Caucas Members ?

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It was too good to be true and too incredulous to last as a firm political and diplomatic decision by the Canadian Government to rescind overtures by the Tamil Community in Canada to visit Tiger Rebel inhabited areas and the bi partisan two faced attitude of Canada towards the LTTE has surfaced again soon after Prime Minister Paul Martin declared his intentions to stay awat from LTTE Rebel dominated areas. One of his Liberal Caucas members Mr.Jim Karygiannis Federal Member Of Parliament of Scarborough it is reported has all but ridiculed the Martin gesture and has visited the rebel areas tantamount to the bifurcated atttitude which Canada has often been accused of by many of her critics with particular reference to the soft stanced atttude adopted towards the LTTE. So of what consequence is it if the national leader denounces Tamil pressure from his Tamil Constituents in Canada to visit these areas but one of his ministers laterally inverts all the goodwill and integral intentions of Mr Paul Martin's gestures towards the Sri Lankan Government by a unilaterally made decision by one of his own party to contradict Sri Lankan Governmental expectations if proven correct?

Perhaps Mr Karygiannis was looking for cheap publicity as the latest reports from Canada indicate that quote"He's winning praise from Canadians of Tamil background but sparking criticism from some Liberal colleagues who said the visit will fuel conflict." end quote and beyond the shadow of a doubt the conflict will be fuelled if it already isnt!

That the Sri Lankan Government sanctioned this latest infiltration by a foreigner into areas which were shunned even by Secretary General Kofaqnd Annan and General Colin Powell of the USA seems hard to believe unless the visit was unauthorized and covert in which case the Sri Lankan Government needs to make immediate response of protestation as diplomatic protocols and conventional wisdom would then have been by-passed by this Canadian who could be well on the verge towards raising many important eyebrows around the world based more on poor judgement and an apathetic disregard to Sri Lankan statutes and requisites governing permission for foreigners to enter these areas if in fact he has entered them per se where it is only reported that he is purported to have met LTTE leaders in Northern Sri Lanka which could then soften the indemnity of his actions while its prima facie objectives could still be interpreted as provocative!

It has also been quoted on Canadian news sources with some apprehension indicating the possible fallout to this individuals decision to communicate with LTTE rebels that " Liberal MP David Kilgour, a former secretary of state for Asia-Pacific relations, said Mr. Karygiannis's visit will fuel conflict. "I think it's an exceedingly unhelpful idea because I'm afraid his visit is going to be used to pour gasoline on the fires when we're trying to put the fires out to fight the tsunami, and we're trying to get everybody back to the [peace] table," said the MP for Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont. " ending the quote in a news item reported in the Canadian Globe and Mail which sums up aptly the implications what now appears to be a somewhat misguided move by Mr Karygiannis and an embarrassment to the Canadian Government in the face of Prime Minister Martin's open declaration suggesting an adherance to the norms set forth by the Sri Lankan Goverment towards maintaining cordial relations between the two countries!

In an attempt to divert the true implications of Mr Karygiannis' visit to rebel areas and soften the true nature of how his consultations with rebel leader would be interpreted by the Sri Lankan authorities which he really had no cause to pursue" knowing fully well the furore it might cause, there has been a Canadian Government bulletin also carried in the Globe and Mail Canada, which has said quote"The Prime Minister's very keen to hear from him, particularly with respect to the flow of aid to Tamil-controlled areas," said Melanie Gruer, a Martin spokeswoman. "The Prime Minister gave his personal commitment to the Tamils in Canada that this was something he would pursue to ensure that the conflict wasn't a barrier to the flow of aid." end quote making it fairly easy to interpret the Canadian implication that Canada is not too confident of the Sri Lankan Government's capability to disburse Funds and the aid to the Tamil areas equitably! and also questioning Sri Lanka's integrity towards the responsibilities involved in a somewhat ambiguous perspective.

The icing on the cake to Mr.Karygiannis' visit has however been provided by Immigration Minister Judy Sgro who has proposed that her department should send a team of visa officers into the north to find disaster victims with close relatives in Canada who may want to emigrate implying in darker undertones of the favouritism involved here towards the Tamil Inhabitants of the North which is the predominant ethnicity in these areas so what about the rest of the coastal areas with a greater ethnic representation of Sinhalese and Muslims whose numbers probably far exceed those of the Tamils in the North and East on a head count of victims?

She has been quoted as saying that " Ottawa does not need permission from the Sri Lankan Government to send immigration officers into rebel territory, and warned that Colombo would earn international opprobrium if it blocked such a move " end quote which is a bold statement uncharacteristic of a Canadian where such a statement if it has been based to even a degree of interpretation by the lack of knowledge that there has been an internal armed insurrection going on for several decades within Sri Lanka involving internationally proscribed , outlawed and condemned terrorists attempting to divide the Nation illegally, there appears to be a felt need for her to educate herself on the semantics of the interpretation! The international opprobium (scorn, disgrace and public shame!) would more than likely bounce back on Canada once it becomes clear to a very discerning international community that there are individuals such as these in a Nation as well respected as Canada who have attempted to ursurp somewhat obnoxiously the normal order of the functioning of a Sovereign Democratic Nation within the Commonwealth which Canada is also a part of, with intimidatory rhetoric and shown a selective bias based upon ethnicity towards immigration admission, and if indeed Mr Karygiannis in some misguided manner has attempted to bypass the requirements of Sri Lanka's Constitutional and legal statutes whether inadvertently or not and the Canadian Immigration Minister has openly condoned it ! it then truly runs from the sublime to the ridiculous and ends up bordering on apathy if true!.



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