The Governments receiving LTTE delegates are indirectly, aiding and Abetting their terrorist activities.

Charles Perera

Norway seems to have an interest in seeing that LTTE achieves its objective of forming their own Eelam State. Otherwise, there is no reason for the Norwegian monitoring mission to minimize the effect of the criminal acts committed by the LTTE. The latest was the shooting at the Navy boat by the LTTE. The fact remains, that the Navy Boat was shot at, which was by itself a serious criminal act, it is immaterial whether a member of the SLMM was injured or not. Nevertheless, the Norwegians lost no time to blame the Sri Lanka media for irresponsible reporting, stating that the SLMM member on board was not injured.

There is no war between the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE. There cannot be, as wars are declared between sovereign states, and the LTTE is only a group of terrorists nothing more, nothing less. Therefore, every act of theirs’ that takes away a life or put in peril the lives of any one, is a criminal act.

No respectable sovereign state should receive any group of terrorists, or representative of terrorists, committing terrorist activities in another sovereign state, as it tantamount not only to an insult to the sovereign state affected by their criminal activities, but it is also an indirect encouragement to the terrorists to continue their activities of terror.

The LTTE is a terrorist group and that is universally accepted. In such circumstances, is it right for some of the Europeans States and South Africa to have welcomed the terrorist representatives ? Sri Lanka should make strong protests through their diplomats against such blatant disrespect. In former times it would have caused a diplomatic crisis and breaking away diplomatic ties.

While Reverent Desmond Tutu was praising terrorist delegate Tamilselvam for having “cared for the people by holding on to the ceasefire for three years”, LTTE pistol gang was busy killing civilians, government officials, political opponents, abducting soldiers, men, women and children.

Aren’t these respected people putting themselves in the position of aiding and abetting terrorists activities of the LTTE, by blindly receiving them as innocent representatives of the Sri Lankan people. What the Reverend does not know is, that “ the people they cared ” for are held in ransom , silenced through fear, by the well dressed criminals he spoke to. And that they were only “holding the cease fire”, marking time to build their

“ army of terror”.

There is the English Law of Equity, which says that one should not go to court with blood in one’s hands. However, these LTTE delegates go to meet the Government Official of Nordic Governments and South Africa and pay courtesy call to Nobel Laureate , not only their hands but whole body smeared with blood .

These good Samaritans of the terror mongers, should instead of sympathizing with the terror delegates, should speak sternly to them and advice them to stop their terrorist activities , lay down arms and follow democratic means to win over their rights.

What are friends for, if they are not there to help when in need. Sri Lanka needs the governments that sympathize with it, to rally round her at the moment of her need to end the menace to its sovereignty by a handful of terrorists. There is no necessity to set up a joint mechanism with the terrorists to reconstruct the North and East, unless the LTTE is willing to give up their continuous criminal activities . However, if there is going to be a joint mechanism, Karuna should be a part of it.

It is now time, that the big powers wake up, to call a spade a spade, and demand the LTTE in Sri Lanka to stop the wave of assassinations, kidnapping and murder of political opponents and fall in line with democratic principles or face consequences.



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