JVP’s bold and relentless stand on national issues has infuriated and severely antagonized, in fact antagonized up to the hilt, the reactionary anti national elements and the paid servants of the alien clans. The enormous volume of propaganda and diatribe against the JVP and its leadership being spread by the spineless factotums through the print and electronic media recently has backpedaled all other issues. “It is really, really necessary to dissuade the JVP leadership from further pursuing their present strategy” laments one of the worried NGO pet in a pro-UNP journal. Is the “Therapuththabhaya Brigade” story released by the TamilNet and followed by pro-UNP media is a precursor to another repression of patriots being planned by the anti-national and alien reactionary elements?

The TamilNet on 12th May as its lead item under the caption “ Pro-peace groups receive death threats” stated that a hitherto unknown group called “Therapuththabhaya Brigade” has claimed responsibility for murdering the “Terrorist Journalist” Sivaram alias “Taraki” on 28th April. It said that a letter received from this group, signed by ‘Commander Mayadunne’ has warned many others that they will be made “Fertilizer for the motherland” if they continue to betray the motherland. The report insinuated that this group is the reincarnation of an ex-JVP front organization, and named a few NGO stalwarts such as Victor Ivan, Sunanda Deshapriya, Jehan Perera, Uyangoda etc, who leave no stone unturned to villify JVP and the patriotic forces, as recipients of these warning letters. English and Sinhala texts of the so-called warning letter were also published along with the report.

The warning letter dated 2nd May has taken almost 10 days to appear despite modern communication facilities. It has been crafted in a manner to implicate the JVP and it contains all the air of Victor Ivon’s dirty journalism. However, this is a serious matter to ignore as a leading Tamil Journalist D.B.S.Jeyaraj claims that Sivaram was killed personally by the Eastern LTTE leader Karuna.

In an article written in the English Language “TamilWeek” (8-14 May 2005) (earlier than the TamilNet report) Mr. Jeyaraj says that on the body of slain Sivaran there were no signs of intensive questioning or torture. There was little blood at the spot where he was found. He says that this shows that he was killed elsewhere and then dumped at the place where he was found. Mr.Jeyaraj claims that “according to knowledgeable Eastern Tamil sources Karuna had made a vow that Sivaram was his mortal enemy and that he himself will kill him personally. Karuna apparently asked his minions in Batticaloa not to harm Sivaram as Taraki had to die "endai Kaiyaale" (by my hand)”. He further explains that “there was a time when Sivaram was very close to Karuna and encouraged him to establish greater autonomy for Batticaloa - Amparai within an overall LTTE structure. Sivaram however did not want the LTTE to split in any way as he felt that would only weaken Tamil nationalism. When Karuna revolted and insisted on going his separate way Sivaram opposed the move. He threw in his lot with the mainstream LTTE”

Jeyaraj also states that “at a time when most Eastern Tamils were tacitly sympathetic to Karuna it was Sivaram who courageously defied Karuna. This counterpoint to regionalism coming from an authentic Batticaloa Tamil whose territorial credentials were exemplary came as a boon to the beleaguered LTTE. Sivaram systematically exposed, criticised, ridiculed and challenged Karuna. It was Sivaram who revealed the fact that Karuna had floated a company in his wifes and father in laws name with a capital of 25 million rupees on March 8th exactly five days after his "open" rebellion. Karuna was exposed clearly as a charlatan”.

Based on the aforementioned facts it is quite clear that the “Therapuththabhaya Brigade” story is fake drafted with an ultimate motive. It is undoubtedly a precursor of an enormous campaign being planned to launch against the patriotic people with the objective of instilling fear in the minds and shedding innocent blood as it was done in the “Beeshana Yugaya – the Dreadful Era”. The government should take immediate action to apprehend the rogue elements responsible for misleading the public through this type of vulgar propaganda.



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