Indian Government's Comments In The Aftermath Of The Kadirgamar Assassination Must be Well recieved Despite Some Contradictions Initially!

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Commenting on the rhetoric coming out of Calcutta India in the Telegraph that India feels it is time the Sri Lankan Government as well as the international community should read out the riot act to the Tamil Tigers and redefine the peace terms to the rebels, there are logically no peace terms redefinable to the rebels whose interpretative skills towards the concept seem non existent and beyond the scope of coralling them and routing them out of existence as their days seem numbered seem the only eventuality to which no riot act is necessary! There is a also a contradiction of Indian sentimants towards the issue where it also insists that the peace process needs to remain on track which seems to indicate the impossible if the peace process needs to be on track while the riot act is being read synonymously!

Concerning the deplorable assasination of Foreign Minister Kadirgamar, there is evidence already surfacing that this was a huge conspiracy by the LTTE planned meticulously over a long period of time and an affront to the security capabilities of the Sri Lankan authorities which sadly appears to have involved a time lapse towards further fortification in the face of intelligence reports that a strike was imminent yet its deadly consequences inevitable due to the incapability of the Security Services to act fast enough to further fortify the Foreign Minister's protection but now academic .

The electronic messages of LTTE sources interpreted by Army Intelligence as reported soon after the murde indicates their hand in the dastardly deed.These transmissions whose sender has been identified as an LTTE cadre claiming responsibility to the tune that "Mr.Kadirgamar deserved to die and that he was an enemy of the Tamil people etc. bears testimony to its truth. Delhi may not have officially blamed the LTTE or anybody else according to reports but the writing's indelibly on the wall according to the facts emerging through painstaking research and intelligence surveys that this indeed was a crime committed by the mendacious LTTE.

In saying that after the “brutal assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, India wants a strong signal sent to the Tigers that such violent acts in future would lead to global isolation" it seems all but mumbo jumbo on the part of India when these signals should have been effectively sent out at the time of the Rajive Gandhi assassination and none other.Thus far the Indian Goverment has apparently been backpedalling on an all out capture effort of the LTTE leader Prabhakaran ( with obvious difficulties of course!) who is alleged to be still roaming free in the jungles of the Wanni although intelligence reports seem to indicate he was swept away by the Tsunami as he has not been seen to any plausible effect since the Tsunami where theatrical doubles and recorded voice messages do not count. Perhaps India too has got wind of this and hence their complaisancy towards apprehending Prabhakaran despite it being no mean task in the context of reality if it means 'Ghost Busting!!'

The Tigers do not need stronger signals beyond perhaps a complete cleanup and flushing out of their Wanni hideouts with all the sophisticated high tech means available to the superpowers of the world today if they decided to put action into their euphemisms to eliminate the scourge of terrorism which has now incorporated clandestine satellite feeds, light aircraft capability and the revamping of some of their armaments and insurgent material depleted during the Tsunami. Something which would result in the National as well as International Community being served well towards posterity. Simply put big brother India could help finesse the flushing out and eliminating the LTTE presence from South Asia for good rather than being eloquent without tangible substance towards their parlance despite the arduous and rigorous nature such an operation would take considering the beneficial effects it would have on the entire region.

It however augurs well for the overall perspective of Sri Lanka's security that the brief but strongly worded statement by India indicating unreserved condemnation the Kadirgamar assassination despite not naming the LTTE specifically as the culprits where hope has been expressed that the “perpetrators of the terrorist crime” will be brought to justice.
A degree of hesitancy on the part of the Indian authorities in not being specific towards directly accusing the LTTE yet making it clear they believed the assassination was aimed at undermining Sri Lanka’s unity and political stability and maintained that it will not support any move for a separate Tamil Eelam. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Navtej Sarna has said that the Indian Government's support for the Unity and Territorial Integrity ( the ommission of the term Sovereignity perhaps a Freudian Slip!)of Sri Lanka remains constant, undiluted and a repetition of a signal that it sends out regularly where the LTTE have always had trepidations at what kind of a scenario would transpire should India's presence in Sri Lanka's fight to eliminate terrorism unlike the botched IPKF days become a veritable reality as this time around it would probably include vast aerial and naval resources and much more should the need ever present itself to demand an Indian response bearing in mind the Regional Defence Agreement between India and Sri Lanka being in the works which would loom larger than life towards the LTTE's insecurities.



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