LTTE attack on a mosque in Eastern Sri Lanka

TBC news report

13 December 2005

It is now confirmed that the grenade attack on a mosque in Eastern Sri Lanka last month was carried by an LTTE intelligence operative. According to reliable information received by the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation, an LTTE intelligence operative by the name “Rajah” threw the hand grenades into the Akkairapattu mosque last month while Muslims were conducting prayers.

Six persons died in this incident, one of many such LTTE attacks on Muslim places of worship in Eastern Sri Lanka. Having committed this crime, LTTE apportioned this blame on a rival Tamil group as alleged perpertrators. The incident led to communal tensions for several days.

The LTTE operative was accompanied on this mission by “Valluvan”, LTTE’s Deputy Intelligence Chief for Ampara who was waiting at the Akkraipattu hospital having instructed his aide to throw hand grenades at the mosque. Having accomplished his mission, the LTTE operative Rajah fled the scene and was quickly whisked away by Valluvan on his motor bicycle.

Akkarapattu Muslim residents have,however, identified this LTTE operative who was later seen pasting LTTE posters for LTTE’s Heroes Day celebrations. He was shot at by the Sri Lankan Army but escaped with injuries to his leg. He is now reportedly receiving treatment at LTTE’s Thirukovil Camp.

TBC learns that the Akkraipattu muslim residents have provided the identify of the LTTE operative to news media and news correspondents in the East. However, no Tamil news media or correspodent dared to reveal the identify of the LTTE culprit either because of fear of LTTE reprisals or because they condoned all LTTE atrocities. BBC Tamil Service, which claims to be an impartial reporter of events in Sri Lankan, has significantly failed to highlight LTTE killings and other atrocities in North East Sri Lanka. It has time and again ludicrously described the LTTE perpetrators as “unidentified elements” even in instances where there were clear proof of LTTE involvements. Listeners say BBC Tamil Service has become another pro-LTTE media highlighting only news favourable to the Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE.



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