Ramanie de Zoysa

The LTTE is now dependent on the Sri Lankan Government to finance its basic requirements such as security and transport to such a ridiculous extent that one wonders whether the LTTE should cease pretending to be an 'organisation' and disband honourably. If the LTTE was a corporate, the death of the CEO, the death of Reginal Manager for half the area under control, destruction of the operating machinery and the decimation of its people capabilities would have resulted in the company being liquidated. LTTE's pathetic existence at present involves covering up the loss of leader Prabhakaran with an unlikely fake, robbing tsunami victims for food and medical supplies, robbing tsunami victims of their children to serve as cadets and pleading with the Sri Lankan government for protection and safe passage within the very territories they claim as 'their homeland'. Ironically, the LTTE is seeking protection against the Tamils they claim to be the sole representative of, from the Sri Lankan Government who they say is their enemy, to fight against the Sri Lankan Government (with the Sri Lankan Govt's protection?) to install a Tamil homeland to protect Tamils from the discrimination and persecution of the Sri Lankan Government. CONFUSED? You should

This sorry saga descended to a new low when the LTTE could not travel to bury their dead Commnder, Kousalyan and his travelling companions last week. This is a totally unwelcome and unnecessary burden on the already stretched resources of the Sri Lankan Government. What meagre resources the Government has must not be squandered in this manner when less than two months ago the tsunami added about a million people to the country's already long list of destitute people. Is the Sri Lankan Government expected to protect and shelter the Tamil terrorists while they are busy gathering funds, soldiers and weapons to attack the very Government and its people to create a 'homeland' which has only the prospect of being a poverty stricken auxiliary state of South
India's Tamil Nadu?

Is this the way the LTTE planning to govern the North and East under their proposed ISGA? Is the Great Eelam going to continously beg and depend on Sri Lanka for their basic necessities while killing each other and throwing all kinds of
wild allegations, insinuations and insults at the SL Govt?

The Sri Lankan Government has a moral duty to clarify this with the Norwegian peace brokers without delay. This is a disgraceful waste of public funds, a slight to its soverignity and dignity, makes a mockery of the contemporary 'fight against terrorism' concept which is upheld in every decent country and gives a new meaning to 'state sponsored terrorism'.



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