Damage caused to Sri Lanka in terms of life and property by the fiery Tsunami waves pale when we recall the decades of mass killings including murder of unarmed women and children, colossal destruction of State property, and desecration and vandalizing of places of worship carried out by the terrorist LTTE. No country in the world would have tolerated a destructive force to ruin the country as we have endured. The terrorist outfit thrived all these years not because of its strength or capabilities but because of the treachery of our power-hungry politicians. Will the assassination of the terrorist Koushalyan open up a new chapter to rid Sri Lanka from the decades of terrorist peril and for the destruction of the Sri Lankan terrorists?

Several thousands of our valiant soldiers sacrificed their precious life and limb to wipe out the terrorist scourge from the soil of our land. They would have succeeded in this great endeavour had it not been for the impediments placed on the security forces by the treacherous politicians. On several occasions our soldiers were prevented by these impediments and were forced to abandon their struggle. Our treacherous politicians not only prevented the terrorists getting annihilated but also provided them funds, arms and material and strengthened them to attack and kill the country's own soldiers, a unique phenomenon, which no country in the world would have done.

This terrorist outfit is a group that has a firm objective and dedicated to segregate this country and to become autocratic rulers of an area consisting of one third of the land mass and two thirds of the sea territory. Since they embraced the infamous 1976 Vaddukkodai resolution that stipulates the aforementioned objectives as their divine testament, they have never budged in to modify even an iota of this objective under friendly persuasions or under duress. They have made many veiled declarations to mislead not only Sri Lankans but also several world leaders and Heads of International Organisations, however, the final objective remains same and unchanged.

It is widely believed that the CIA nurtured Gorbachev for many years to disintegrate the Soviet Union and establish American hegemony the world over. The terrorist outfit realizing the futility of fighting the Sri Lankan state militarily to get their objectives fulfilled, abandoned their militaristic strategy and decided that it is prudent to adopt the Gorbachev formula. Non- recognition of militarily segregated Cyprus is a fine illustration against the East Timorean blueprint being pursued by the terrorist outfit.

Ranil was the ideal Gorbachev they chose to nurture for this objective. Hailing from a treacherous family his attachment to the patriotic circles was almost zero. Although his elevation to the leadership of the UNP may seem a natural occurrence, it was stage- managed internally by pro-LTTE Tamil elements in the UNP hierarchy. There is a very strong Tamil lobby of professionals, industrialists and businessmen connected to the UNP hierarchy. Elimination of Mr. Gamini Dissanayake, a strong Sinhala Buddhist and ascendancy of Ranil to the UNP leadership was not an accidental or a routine incident.

Mr. Wicks had a close relationship with the family of Charles, LTTE arms purchaser and shipping line operator It was this relationship that was utilized to make him a puppet and a pawn of the LTTE. He was persuaded to visit Singapore and meet Charles at Conrad Hotel on June 18th 2000 for a discussion. On the following day an LTTE cadre named Devadasan delivered him a secret document, and this document is believed to be the secret agreement for Eelamisation of Sri Lanka. Yet Mr. Wicks has failed to disclose the contents of this document despite demands made by many sources.

Buy off of materialistic gang of PA Ministers and Parliamentarians, the volume of black money changed hands for these political somersaults, installation of Ranil in power, government sponsored elevation of the terrorist outfit to that of a liberation group, government's de-proscription of LTTE as a terrorist organization despite wide protests, conceding to all demands of the terrorist outfit by the government without any hesitation, Ranil's complete silence when Balasingham publicly declared Prabhakaran as the President and Prime Minister of Tamil Eelam, endeavours made by G.L.Peiris to accord international recognition to LTTE at various international locations under the guise of peace talks, Ranil's personal attempt to canvass U.S.President for removing the terrorist label on LTTE, confining our forces to barracks and facilitating the terrorist outfit to smuggle in over 15 shipments of arms, are some of the splendid services carried out by Ranil and his coterie to strengthen the terrorist outfit, militarily, politically and territorially.

When Karuna Amman rebelled against the autocratic fascists in the Wanni all peace loving Sri Lankans hailed it as a significant sign for reclaiming the territories being forcibly bullied by the terrorist outfit. No one expected that there could be a treacherous group who would grieve about this historical division in the terrorist outfit. To the dismay and surprise of everyone the Gibberish LTTE Peiris summoned a press conference and urged everyone to be patient and not help in any form to get that dispute escalated. He wished for a lasting and speedy reunion of the LTTE factions. Ranil and his coterie too endorsed this view wholeheartedly.

Similary, the LTTE Peiris and the UNP have taken the lead role in condemning the assassination of Kaushalyan and other terrorists. Gradual decimation and ultimate elimination of the terrorist group is the best thing all peace loving, patriotic and sensible Sri Lankans expect. It is shame to find that the treacherous Peiris and the UNP leadership wishing for the strengthening and growth of the terrorist outfit. UNP's condemnation of this killing is also an indirect acceptance of the terrorist version of placing the blame for this killing on the security forces. They have also shamelessly requested to investigate about this killing. Treacherous Peiris and the UNP should place the country before politics if they are truly interested in the welfare of the nation.



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