UPFA Government is on the Verge of Breakup and Consequently the Breakup of Sri Lanka! SLFP/JVP Stop the Madness and Act with Dignity and Foresight.


Hon. Madam CBK has said that "JVP can quit if it wants to." This statement in my view lacks wisdom and foresight. If the JVP did quit, then what? Of course, the LTTE supported UNP has said it will come to the SLFP's rescue. This rescue will be the kiss of Judas and the crucifixion of mother Lanka on the LTTE's cross.

The UNP has amply demonstrated that it lacks interest in the country's unitary character and or sovereignty. Had it continued in power after the last general election, it would have given LTTE the ISGA - which even foreign constitutional experts have said is a blueprint for a sovereign, separate state. To Sri Lanka's good fortune, and in full credit to Anura Bandaranaike, SLFP was able to forge an alliance with the JVP and jointly, the UPFA party was able to snatch victory, albeit not by a huge margin, from the jaws of the UNP+TNA (LTTE) monster.

So, what is the likely scenario if the JVP did quit the UPFA party? Two possible scenarios:

1. The UNP+TNA (LTTE) nexus that is gleefully awaiting the breakup of the UPFA will of course prop up the SLFP to ensure that ISGA is delivered to the LTTE on a platter and they will be sweet as honey until the next election. At the next election, it is certain that the SLFP is bound to pay a heavy price for its role in the break up of Sri Lanka and as a party it will be toast (i.e. will fade into the sunset just as LSSP and MEP did years ago). If the JVP alone cannot muster enough seats, then the UNP+TNA (LTTE) nexus will form not only the next government, but an immortal dynasty to ensure the continuance of LTTE's separate state in the 1st half of the country and Ranil and his cohorts' continuation in the executive presidency in the 2nd half of the country.

2. If, however, the JVP were to muster enough wins to form a majority government, then it will want to immediately abolish the SLFP+UNP+TNA created LTTE separate state and this will inevitably lead to another war - possibly a war with hitherto unknown horrific proportions. In this case, it is likely that India will step in and grab SL into her massive folds, once and for all.

Therefore, both scenarios are not palatable to us patriotic Sri Lankans and thus we would want the JVP+SLFP alliance to continue, at least until the next elections time when both partners, in a rational manner, can take stock of "what next?"

A couple of helpful measures to end acrimony from both sides:

1. The SLFP must treat the JVP as an equal partner, with respect and dignity. Repeatedly we have seen JVP hierarchy treated as children at best and as poor country cousins at worse. They have been left out of important discussions and consultations by the ruling SLFP elite and on numerous occasions they have been kept waiting, literally for hours and days, when they were ready to meet with SLFP leaders including Madam CBK. This shabby treatment naturally does not bode well for a sound partnership. In the contrast, the LTTE has only to send a word through Norwegians (asking for anything and everything, including helicopters so that the LTTE hierarchy can crisscross the land and spew venom against the GOSL and the Sinhala race) and the SLFP hierarchy snaps to attention, to comply forthwith.

2. Madam CBK has said that JVP is making an issue out of "one word" in an agreement pending between the GOSL and the LTTE and that this is a "joke." Looking beyond the exaggeration, this may seem reasonable at face value, but one must not forget the ill effects of the hurriedly and shortsightedly prepared CFA agreement that Ranil W. (the grand idiot of modern SL) signed with the LTTE murder-king. The flaws in that agreement are totally in LTTE's favor and those flaws seriously compromise Sri Lanka's security and territorial integrity even to this day. The Norwegians, who virtually drafted this agreement, willfully imbedded these flaws to the advantage of the LTTE and the foolish UNP regime of the day simply overlooked the dire implications contained within the respective clauses. Therefore, one cannot be too careful when getting into another agreement, for whatever purpose, with the LTTE.

3. JVP must restraint its propaganda activities from spilling over into anti-SLFP speeches or themes. While JVP may promote its vision and ideology as seen best for the country, such action must not denigrate their partner, the SLFP.



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