US Congressman Davis Sounds More Like An LTTE Sympathiser Given The Facts!

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Does representing the most powerful nation in the world give a license to anyone even US Congressman to utter as bold a statement as has been done in an exclusive interview with ‘Asian Tribune’?. The very opening statement of the report by Congressman Danny K.Davis in his interview to Asian Tribune clarifies the lopsidedness of his arguments therein that The Tamils are oppressed and discriminated in Sri Lanka. It seems an abomination that a congressman from the United States has had the nerve and affront to wander into the Wanni Region of Sri Lanka on his own convictions( with the blessings of the US Embassy and no mention of Sri Lankan Governmental assent).The bold statements of Mr Davis have been based upon the racial discriminations of a dark era of American history and drawing analogies to same has then turned on the Government of Sri Lanka with aplomb to make a public statement criticising the Government comparing the oppression of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to those of the American Negros relative to the days of slavery.

In quoting "United States Congressman Danny K. Davis, who toured Sri Lanka early this month, spending most of the time in LTTE controlled areas and meeting only with officials of the Tiger outfit, told that the Government of Sri Lanka has so far failed to alleviate the suffering of the minority Tamils in the northern and eastern areas affected by last December tsunami disaster." end quote.This in the face of all the accollades and positive responsed by foreign dignitaries who have commended the Government's efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the Tsunami victims. By his own admission and probably unaware of the LTTE's reputation for lies, innuendo and theatrics which could convince the deaf, dumb and blind! the congressman appears to have either walked into a clever LTTE setup and returned with the very propaganda and tales of woe the LTTE are reputed for instigating as part of their modus operandi relating to visiting dignitaries or has expressed a very personal opinion indicating his own transparencies. However,Congressman Davis seems to have been no exception to being cleverly baitedand also been made to look somewhat idiotic in his declarations about the Sri Lankan Government which is the furthest from the truth if he searched for the true facts concerning his allegations with dilligence sans the rhetoric!

The single admission that" he met with only the officials of the tiger outfit spending most of the time in LTTE controlled areas'' testifies to the stark reality that the sympathies and empathies expressed towards the minority Tamils albeit its direction based on the principle of oppression of a minority is not what he presents as a manifetation of the truth as far as the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is concerned or has been for the past several decades!

He has further continued his tirade against the Government of Sri Lanka in his litany about the discrimination of the minority Tamils as quoted. "Tamils who want peace with dignity, justice and equal opportunity" and offsets his case by further stating that“As a member of the minority community in the United States, we African Americans always go beyond our reach to comfort minority ethnic groups in other countries because we feel the importance of upholding human rights, justice, dignity and equal opportunity which is not fully accomplished even in the United States. What struck me most is that this ethnic minority has been subject to suppression and that their basic human rights have been blatantly violated with no justice meted out to them". ending the Congressman's outcry which short of being high handed also conveys a degree of ignorance of the real story behing the oppressed Tamils notwithtanding the emphasis his own Native Land pays to international terrorism if the simplest of equations were applied and he paused for a monent to align the dilemma of the Tamils as terrorist related! or does the equation apply to another preamble?

There are justifiable speculations that the Congressman is fully aware of the real problem in Sri Lanka and in his heart of hearts is an LTTE sympathiser who has had the nerve to make such a bold statement despite it ramiifications on his Government and the message it would convey globally ? It has been discovered that this Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who first entered the US House of Representatives in 1996 and has been a Member of Congress continuously until the present, has approximately eight percent of Asian Americans as his constituents.It is alleged, based on diligent research and as reported in the ‘Asian Tribune’ that a considerable percentage of Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates constitute this Asian American community within the constituency of this Congressman who have links to the Tiger outfit.

It is reported that Congressman Davis spent six days in Sri Lanka and visited the eastern province and the LTTE controlled Vanni region, accompanied only by two Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians who are known to be LTTE Proxies and whose point of view could only be interpreted metaphorically and relative to LTTE dogma without realistic application to the stance being taken by the Government of Sri Lanka which Davis depicts as derogatory and contemptible!On his arrival in Colombo, American Ambassador Jeffrey Lunstead has apparently given him a briefing at the United States Embassy. By his own admission, according to the congressman, he was in the company of either TNA parliamentarians or with officials of the LTTE which is self explanatory towards the motivations and intent of his subsequent statement.

In hindsight, it would be sound advice that individuals of this mentality, despite their status, who seem to have a single track of bias towards the LTTE, their insurgent and terrorist wiles, need to have their credentials and bona fides checked prior to granting them permission to consort with a terrorist entity on a campaign for decades to ursurp the democratic and sovereign nature of Sri Lanka by wandering indiscriminatelyand unchecked into their illegal domains with rank disregard to the proticols involved as seems to be the case and shoot their mouths about it adding insult to injury.

It has also to be borne in mind specifically that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have brought on their own woes as a result of the grave provocations they have presented over time under a terrorist banner on many occassions to the majority Sinhalese of the land who have shown great compassion and tolerance towards their inherant existence and enjoyed equal privileges as documented emphatically in the Island's history.

There is no comparison as the congressman has implied between the 'plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils and the Opressed Negroes of American History' and anyone insinuating towards the theme is probably in need of psychiatric evaluation or investigation towards culpabilities of interference into the internal affairs of a Sovereign Democracy.



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