Japan is in a hurry to dump more GARBAGE in Sri Lanka

karthika Canada

Japanese envoy Akashi cries loud for the killed terrorists. Who was this Kousalyan? All the Political Commisars of LTTE never talk any politics because LTTE has nothing of any political manifesto in Black and White. Time to Time LTTE bark some thing but murdering Tamils and Sinhalese continuously. Kousalyan like LTTE political commisars always plan and killed their political opponants. EPDP lost 115 of their members to the guns of LTTE after this so called PEACE deal signed. LTTE is not prepared to make peace with TAMILS. I wonder how LTTE will make peace with Sri lankan governmnet and Sinhalese people.

Can Akashi or other foreign criers for LTTE, show any political manifesto from LTTE? Can this Akashi tell why LTTE is unable to make peace with Tamils? More than 450 Tamil people were gunned down by LTTE after the peace deal signed.

LTTE must show a printed political statement of their own and that must be accepted by Tamil people. ISGA is not a political manifesto but a copy stolen by LTTE from Sudan. Tamils never voted for any ISGA!

Further, Japan wants to dump used tires, motor-bikes and other garbage into Sri Lanka if LTTE get the ISGA! Japan did the same when UNP was elected to power in 1977.

Japs are not peace lovers of any kind. They want their garbage to be sold quickly!



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