He Obscure Pontifications Of Rajitha Senaratne About The S.B.Dissanayake Imprisonement.

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Perhaps it is time to stop publicising the obscure pontifications of the likes of Dr.Rajitha Senaratne about the attributes and talents of indicted former Minister S.B Dissanayaka which are misleading. Dissanayake has been imprisoned not only for his libellous and contemptuous statements against the Sri Lankan Administration but also for his contentious and irresponsible lifestyle of high handed intimidations against ordinary Sri Lankan citizens particularly within his own electorate when he held office if the paradigm of justice was extended to encompass the reality of his track record which probably goes deeper into depths of depravity! Senaratne has also taken the liberty to direct accusations at the President's integrity in a hitherto unseen show of bravado perhaps born of desperation and has even suggested a conspiracy as part of the events leading to Dissanayake's imprisonent, which are bold utterances indeed but unsubstantiated and might come back to haunt him!

There is no question that S.B.Dissanayaka was imparted what was deserving in the eyes of the law as a man who cast the responsibilities of high office to the winds often overstepping many related metes and bounds which eventually emboldened him to publicly defy the Nation's Justice System at its highest level and there can be no rational inferences made, as has been by Senaratne to 'suffering in prison' and an emancipation needed which goes on to describe S.B.Dissanayaka as a 'Political Prisoner' which is pure conjecture born of imagined idealogy far removed from the truth which should perhaps in all reality be replaced by 'common criminal' who discarded his personal achievemnts and the rank he rose to through his own perseverances for the lure of material gain and often indulged in making salacious statements against the Administration to vent his own frustrations often disregarding the Laws Of The Land! So why should special privileges be extended to him as demanded by Senartne?

Senaratne has even quoted the legal expertise of England's Lord Bevan as "being amazed at the decision meted out to him" end quote and perhaps Lord Bevan is unfamiliar with the facts and 'figures' surrounding the circumstances leading upto Dissanayake's incarceration and perhaps needs a thorough briefing about same (now common knowledge within Sri Lanka!) or to the contrary it may be a creation in Senaratne's fecund imagination which often permits him to take liberties in the form of the many fairy tales he indulges from time to time as a a master crafter in deception despite his learned status where Lord Bevan might even have been misquoted or his expressions deliberately twisted!

While the agitation to free S.B.Dissanayaka from prison continues through the so called 'many petitions signed by many dignitaries' as quoted by Senaratne he also has the affront to state to the media in refering to Dissanayake that quote "He is a political genius, having functioned as the general secretary of the SLFP and the national organiser of the UNP. As a hardcore SLFP member he once saved Chandrika but today there is no one to save her except people such as Mangala, who is like an obsolete coin. SB wrote Chandrika`s election manifesto and today he is writing while in prison. The President is making every effort to imprison Ravi and myself, like S.B." end quote where the references to S.B.Dissanayake's 'political genius ' seems to be a matter of opinion and somewhat questionable if it has landed him in prison and the President a person of high intellect and political savvy who would seem to be in no need whatsoever of anyone else's so called 'political genius!' compared to her own which is acknowledged in many prominent political circles globally and whose decision making has always rested on her own instincts, a rich political heritage and a high intellectual acumen which she also has great recognition for with the exception of the opinions of her enemies and those out to discredit her! Indeed S.B.Dissanayake as quoted must also be writing his memoirs in prison!

With reference to the "effort to land 'Ravi'( presumed to be Karunanayake) and himself in prison" as quoted by Senaratne, it may be a pang of conscience over some of the indiscretions hugely indulged in by these two individuals amongst others within the UNF camp which have come to light through investigations, according to reliable sources and through very tangible evidence uncovered in recent times to which list one might even add the names of their colleagues G.L.Peiris and Ranil Wickremasinghe who have also indulged in much bold rhetoric sometimes even appearing to contravene legal statutes whilst lowering their sense of patriotism as part of the nation with objectives more towards personal gain as the record shows and goes much further than mere rhetoric!

The transparencies of Rajitha Senaratne's proclamations and protestations about the imprisonement of S.B.Dissanayake have been aptly summed up by a submission of LAHIRU - a gist of which is as follows :

" Dr Rajitha says that S.B Dissanayaka's statement at `Vap Magula`, is a decision taken by the UNP. If so then why did the UNP not provide any letter to the Supreme Court to this effect? Again, I am totally surprised by Rajitha's statements. In reality who is he in the UNP? Just an MP. isn't thats all ? Not someone in any elevated position withinin the UNP! So all statements, which he issues, we can simply ignore based on the reasoning that these are not UNP statements, just Dr. Rajithas jokes.



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