What is necessary is real hard talk, by the donor States to the terrorists, and a warning to stop their atrocities or else………

Charles Perera

International Money Lenders are meeting in Kandy to-day. They are not discussing the interest rates and how and when to pay back the loans. What the donors are giving are loans if I understand correct. But the lenders are not apparently interested about the condition of the loan, but discuss an out side issue to put the government and the President of Sri Lanka into embarrassment. The “out side issue” which burdens the discussion is of course the question of “terrorism”. Terrorism, which most of the donor states have vowed to eliminate in a free democratic world. Even when hostages have been taken by certain international groups of terrorists, the Europeon Governments say “no discussions with terrorists”, for that would be giving into terrorism.

But it is a different cup of tea when it comes to LTTE, it is almost a marital relationship or concubinage with Solheim of Norway, Akashi of Japan etc. It all began with the UNF government of the hopeful Presidential candidate Ranil Wickramasinghe signing a MoU, which is an illegal document , made legal by acceptance. It is just a one sided document though signed between an illusive terrorist leader and a Prime Minister of the sovereign state of Sri Lanka. All the unconditional advantages accumulate to the terrorists, and binding conditions to the Sovereign state of Sri Lanka. It is a fine way to fight terrorism in the world. If that is how it is going to be with all terrorist, Al-Keida my have half of the globe for themselves.

If these International money lenders, who want give anything for nothing, were a little more astute would have adopted a different attitude towards the Terrorists, before this meeting in Kandy. How could they have really made matters easy both for the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tiger Terrorists ? It has to be said at the outset, that these supposed to be do-gooders, think that they are always correct, and that they have all the answers. For them the peoples from developing countries with their easy smiles, do not take much to be deceived, a pleasant word and a pat on the back would do. But yet, they have a mortal fear of the terrorists with guns, and more so when they are specialists of suicide bombs, because the guns and bombs kill, whether they are white, yellow or black. Therefore, they give into terrorists, specially our “lot” here, through fear, and pacify the gentle smiling idiots with words and promises. This is the whole problem.

But how could they have made matters easy, both for the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tiger Terrorists, before their meeting in Kandy ? Well simply by meeting the Wanni terrorist “click “, as terrorists, and the representatives of the donor states as the peace keepers of the world. They the peace keepers-the donor States, should speak a language appropriate for the terrorists when they speak to them. They must be able to raise their voices a bit and tell the terrorists, that they, as terrorists are not in a position to negotiate, they should keep their guns down, stop their wanton killings, abductions and aggression, interfering with school children and civilians, forcing them into manifestations on various issues, and being a nuisance in general. And this is important, that they say to the terrorists, not to imagine that their talking to them is accepting their points of view, and that they should give up their terrorism, because it does not work. Also tell the terrorists, that Sri Lanka is a Unitary Sovereign State and that it should remain so and they cannot have a separate eelam cut out for them selves, and that they should learn to work together with the government and get drawn into the democratic system. IF not the repercussion will be terrible , the donor states will not hesitate to take the role of the peace keepers of the world, and punish all those who resort to terrorism.

This is the crux of the matter, the way you tell things to the terrorists. It is not going to Wanni like going to a summer resort and meet the terrorists dressed in more presentable attire, and talk over a cup of tea or a glass of beer with potato chips or a wade and talk about “……matters of deep concern in the implementation of the CFA………, political killings for one, and the question of recruitment of underage children. (listeneing) carefully to explanations offered by Thamilchelvan …… work with a better understanding of the situation”, as Takashi said the other day. These are word, only words, what is necessary is hard talk, and a warning that they stop their atrocities or else they will step in, to stop it themselves !!!



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