The historical unity forged between the SLFP and JVP was the bitterest pill for the elitist UNP, the media barons, the drug cartel, and the treacherous anti national elements and for the separatist terrorists. On the other hand the patriotic masses, the neglected and impoverished rural populace, the over-exploited and degraded working class, unemployed youth, students deprived of modern education available only in a few Colombo schools, Buddhist monks petrified by unscrupulous activities of foreign NGOs, debt-ridden and frustrated farmers, fishing community enslaved and made destitute by the fishing moguls, irritated heroic security forces who were forced to stoop to terrorist enemies, people subjected to inhuman harassments and extortions by the terrorists, and the progressive population were jubilant and delighted as the historical unity dawned a new era and created much hope in them.

This unity was formed at a time when the Head of State of the country was subjected to various forms of ridicule and mockery by government Ministers at cabinet meetings and various other places, Heads of Foreign Missions gave scant respect to the person and the office of the Head of State, the Prime Minister and the government Ministers deliberately denied and undermined the rights and privileges of the Head of State that even encouraged foreign personalities and leaders not only to disregard but also even issue directives and warnings to the Head of State (Norway’s edict of unwarranted interference).

It was this unity that strengthened and reinforced the Head of State to prevent the granting of ISGA on a platter to the terrorist outfit, gave legitimacy and valor for using the constitutional authority of vesting the three important Ministries and reverse the ascendancy of terrorist hold on the government, build confidence and hope in the masses to daringly face the April general election and give authenticity to the Freedom Alliance to march forward on the rightful path of building the nation for the benefit of the posterity.

On the race to the election, the joint UNP-LTTE nexus, the anti national forces, the media barons, and various other foreign and local vested interests made every attempt and used all the forces and resources available under the sun to contempt and ridicule the President, the main leaders of the Alliance partners, and prominent candidates of the Alliance. Phony claims, misleading reports, sacrilegious statements, and financial allurements were extensively used to discredit and defeat the Alliance candidates. People’s solidarity and firm determination to put to a halt to the treacherous segregation of the country and alienation of the nation’s interests triumphed over all these obstacles and the Alliance government got installed in power.

It is well-known and a historically proven fact that the reactionary forces will never willingly acquiesce power to the progressive masses and they will and are bound to make every endeavour to seize or rob power even unleashing colossal destruction of life and property. Doom befallen on President Sukarno and people of Indonesia in the 60s, President Allende and people of Chile in the 70s, to many countries in the Eastern Europe, to Granada in the West Indies, to Nicaragua in Central America, and many other countries in Africa and Latin America are embodiment of this phenomenon.

Even in Sri Lanka, the political map since 1948 is replete with incidences to seal the ascendancy and consolidation of power by progressive forces. Friction created between the Communist Party and the LSSP just after the 1948 general election, suppression of 1953 people’s uprising (Hartal), assassination of Prime Minister S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike in 1958, Military coup launched in 1962 under the leadership Ravi Karunanayake’s grandfather C.C.Dissanayake, 1964 Parliamentary coup mapped out by Ranil Wickremasinghe’s father Esmond Wickremasinghe, murder of Dodampe Mudalali and others to frighten the anti-UNP forces, murder of Daramitipola Ratanasara Thero to forestall anti-UNP growth, UNP advocacy in 1971 for total elimination of youth involved in the uprising, JR’s unsuccessful attempt to join the United Front government, expulsion of left parties from the United Front government, personality clash created between Ministers Maithripala and Illangaratne, disenfranchisement of Mrs. Bandaranaike, the bogus referendum, colossal murder of patriotic and progressive youth in late eighties by the State are some of these bitter experiences.

The formation of the Freedom Alliance government, despite all obstacles, is the most sordid factor for the reactionary and anti- national forces to palate. Since the very day of its formation the reactionary forces rallied all their resources to destroy the government and regain power. The media mafia, the terrorist outfit, the rogue parliamentarians of TNA, the foul-mouthed UNP MPs, NGO scoundrels, and the white tiger Norwegians are the paid servants they rallied to achieve their objectives.

UNPs repeated threat to oust the government, pro-LTTE anti-national commands being delivered by the Norwegians and NGOs, anti-JVP slander by the foul-mouthed UNP MPs, wild propaganda of rift in the alliance, and misinformation about the JVP are main ammunitions being used by the reactionary forces to gain power once again, and destroy the patriotic and progressive forces of Sri Lanka forever.

It is pertinent to recollect the wild and distorted publicity given by the filthy private media to many casual speeches of certain Ministers and politicians belonging to Freedom Alliance government. A reference made by Mr. Anura Dissanayake on prices of rice, a speech made by Mr. Wimal Weerawanse at the National Patriotic Movement Form in Ratnapura are sparkling illustrations. Also it should be remembered that all attempts were made to frustrate the JVP and reject acceptance of Ministerial portfolios at the very beginning.

The issue created over the distorted reporting of President’s Nittambuwa speech is the latest attempt by these treacherous elements to create dissension in the government. The rogue private media not only distorting this speech to their liking is reported to have made several unsuccessful attempts to extract comments from JVP Ministers such as Mr.Vijitha Herath and Mr. Lal Kantha against the President over this issue. Admirably both Ministers have responded with wisdom and frustrated the filthy manoeuvres. Even the President and the Media Minister Mr. Mangala Samaraweera deserve admiration for issuing appropriate statements and averting a major attempt made by the private media to disintegrate the government. All politicians belonging to the Alliance Government should be extremely cautious in the future and should not leave any room for the enemy forces to disrupt implementation of its responsibilities entrusted by the masses.



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