May not be a Frankenstein monster, but a worst one-a human monster capable of scheming and manipulating.

Charles Perera

Yes it is not a Frankenstein monster, but a real human one unique of its kind, sought out in the wilds of Wanni by Wickramasinghe and adopted under a MoU for whom Solehim of Norway was the baby sitter, Takashi and all foreign Ambassadors visiting him regularly in Wanni, and the SLMM, nurtured him and today he is out grown , beyond human proportions, and has become a burden to all.

The President had said speaking of this monster that “ one should see the positive side of the visible change in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which, for the first time in history is agreeable to join administrative machinery”. The positive side of the visible change of this monster is still obscure, except perhaps for the President .

It is good to be optimistic, but the terrorists are terrorists, and this one adopted by the two governments, is the most unpredictable. And where there is unpredictability there is no clarity, therefore remains obscure. The Monster, had been agreeing to one Administrative machinery , which was all a gimmick to get hold of power to create their own Eelam. Thanks to the foresight of JVP it did not materialize and the monster asks for another the Joint Administrative Machinery, which will be the stepping stone to another, Machinery , and then to another, and it will go on, and on, until it is not a monster any more, but a nightmare of an unknown magnitude, from which neither the President nor Sri Lanka will wake up for a long, long time.

And finally the monster will bite off a large size of the land to set up its Eelam and we will still be talking of the positive side of the monster. The President sees only the exterior positive side, but what does she know of the interior obscurity of the Monster mind. That no body will know, until it will be too late to make amends. That is what Ranil Wickramasinghe is also waiting to see. He depends on that eventuality to come back to power, and rule what remains of Sri Lanka , perhaps, with an alliance with the “ Fasist State of Tamil Eelam” under his Majesty Prabhakaran.

The President seems to have forgotten, that this is not the first time the monster during his period of growth made all types of demands, and kept changing its mind, taking advantage of every opportunity that came its way . It was first the demand for high level conferences in World Capitals, then grand visits to different Europen countries to study a Federal System, having won the love and affection of all European governments, dropped all previous demands and asked for an ISGA.

Thereafter, having been amused and cajoled by the baby sitter Solheim , acquired quite a handful of toys, that no other baby in the world had received. Uncle Takashi hands out cash to buy his lollipops, uncles from Norway sent him high tech multimedia “play stations”. Uncle Sam frowned at him from time to time, without really shouting at him nor telling him in certain terms, that he deserves a good spanking, if he does not behave.

The donor states have promised money to do reconstruction work in Sri Lanka, and they should ask the terrorists, to allow the Government to carry out the reconstruction work, and during a given period of time until the reconstruction work is completed, stop all terrorist activities. Period of baby sitting is over, it is time that he is allowed to grow like any other normal child without letting him continue to be a monster.

Why have we got to have a Joint mechanism to reconstruction work in Sri Lanka, where ever it is. Only difficulty the Sri Lanka government has in the North and the East is that it has no access to as it is controlled by this Monster. There was never a refusal on the part of any government past or present to look after its people where ever they were . It is all because of this “killer monster”, who harvests fear, that the people of the North and East are deprived of Government assistance to improve their living conditions. The Tamil people living in North and East should defy terrorism and ask the government to intervene to help them. Otherwise, the government has no alternative but wait until the terrorists and the Tamil people in the North and East see reason.

Why has the President got to give in to the donor states to please a handful of terrorists? Why cannot the President speak up, and say that if the donor states really want to help, it is by trying to put the terrorists in their proper place and if necessary arm the Sri Lanka Army and prepare for war with the donor states rallying behind Sri Lanka government to finish with terrorism once and for all.

Hela Urumaya should be felicitated for having had the courage to say the truth behind the farce. JVP has every reason to refuse to agree on a JM



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