A comparison worth noting

Fabian S London

Dear Sir,

Though I live in London now I still consider myself a citizen of this beatiful Island of Sri Lanka.

Not long ago, I mean about 25 years ago, Sri Lanka was flourishing in everything and I remember the days when we used to compare Indians as poverty stricken and majority not very literate.

Compare the situation today, India though was very much affected by the Tsunami, did not request for or accept a penny as aid from any foreign donors, since it had the capacity and planning to cope with disasters. Look at ourselves, we wanted all the foreign aid we can get due to our unaffordability and we are still fighting on how to divide amongst ourselves, whilst in other Tsunami stricken countries like Thailand life has almost returned to normal.

We have risked far too much in the past and driven our beatiful land to a state where she is now almost at the hands of the corrupt politicians to decide anything and everything. What has happened to the democratic rights of the people of this country. We seem to be pushing our motherland back in years when other countries are slowly gearing to the demands of the 21st century.

When will our people be free again?



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