Insufficient Evidence That Prabhakaran's Really Alive.How About Some Real Confirmation?

World Council Of Sinhala Peers\ For Lanka Web

Hearsay tantamount to "He Said, She Said !"and references in the past tense in pro LTTE websites that "Velupillai Pirapaharan (Prabhakaran) is alive and well and that the reclusive leader has made a rare public appearance" is not good enough meat for the table of reality that the man is alive and well.At least not for the more discerning who are in a greater majority than the gullible!

This is the so called overall representative of the entire Tamil Community as he likes to call himself yet logically even to uphold a semblance of how true this representation is does not the Tamil community at least deserve some modicum of consideration through a viable confirmation that their 'beloved 'leader is alive and well and should he not at least make a real appearance for all the world to see rathen than be depicted in archaic photographs where he is indecipherable and convey a general impression of subterfuge and theatrics to the world that the weatherbeaten LTTE could easily be masterminding a duplicate of a deceased Prabhakaran even to serve their needs temporarily ? which could easily be accomplished considering how reclusive the LTTE leader has been over the years and how few the people are who have really seen him in recent times and would be able to identify him.

There have been many expert opinions mostly of a medical consensus that he could easily be duplicated by way of appearance and personality through the ingenuities of theatrics and make up considering the somewhat plausible evidence that Prabhakaran and sidekick Pottu Amman were in a church that was innundated by the Tsunami and sounded very very convincing, so much so that it was picked up and broadcast nationally.It was also reported at the time that the entire congregation of this seaside church in Mullattivu had been swept out to sea with no survivors, the same story coinciding with a report that the LTTE hierarchy had ordered very expensive decorated coffins to bury some high ups within their terrorist enclave. Evidence which probably provides sufficient grist to the mill of suspicion that there just might be some skullduggery going on and that the reports of Prabhakaran being alive still needs to be confirmed positively!

In the mids of all the confusion of whether or not Velupillai Pirapaharan is really alive , with no compunctions towards overseeing the pitiful plight of the Tamil and Muslim Tsunami victims of the North and East, a simple human and compassionate response expected of any leader it is reported that he has also warned he would resume his "freedom struggle" unless Colombo agrees to discus his self-rule plan for an "Interim Self-Governing Authority" giving him de facto legitimacy in areas already under his control. and a strangely twisted equation seems to emerge from all this that it might be imperative to the fragmented LTTE to maintain the image of a Prabhakaran who is alive rather than admit that he is no more amongst the living which could surely deal a body blow towards their existence! The concept of someone who has survived the devastating Tsunami rather than being mellow and contrite sounding war chants seems somewhat of a hard sell unless it has been orchestrated to suit a single objective!
Perhaps the sudden media frenzy created by the latest LTTE proclamation that Mr. VP is alive and well needs careful scrutiny and in depth investigation towards confirmation before the hoopla and hype of its sensationalism gets the better of the news sources. Perhaps a little more concrete evidence which might attest to the real truth is needed here rather than being choked up un conjecture which just might have no basis while providing a platform for the depleted LTTE to fortify their resources posing a general warning using the imagery of their leader whereas in reality they could be a leaderless bunch!

IF the man is alive why not come out into the open and permit some DNA testing also to establish his authenticity as even his once closest ally and now arch enemy Col. Karuna seemed to have little doubt in his mind as he too confirmed the demise of the terrorist leader with little compunction.

The mystery however deepens and time will surely confirm the truth while Sri Lanka and the world awaits in bated breath as sadly the LTTE are not an entity whose solemn word can be interpreted as gospel as their greater forte lies in innuendo!

It was the great Abraham Lincoln who once said in a famous State of The Union Address that "You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time but you can never fool all the people all the time!" so out with it LTTE!



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