A Response To A Meaningless Entreaty!

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The following item depicts the true innuendo and conjecture which motivates propaganda for the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam which has gone on for decades and sickens the minds of the more discerning and needs to be highlighted for its ignorance and apathy where it only merits airing by virtue of the freedom of expression entitlement of the writer.

Sri Lanka being a Sovereign Democratic Republic within the Commonwealth of Nations has been plagued for decades now by the terror group who call themselves the LTTE allegedly representing a minority community of Tamils composing less than 25% of Sri Lanka's population where even this percentage is divided over the opinion of whether of not the LTTE has a right to represent them and if so just fractionally at the present.

This document asks for justice from the International Community for the 'oppressed' Tamils of Sri Lanka where the only justice which needs to be meted out is to the terrorists who are attempting to divide the Nation of Sri Lanka and her terrorised peace loving inhabitants in certain areas and the only intelligent conclusion which can be drawn towards the objectives of this letter is that it has been composed either in ignorance or with deliberate attempt to mislead the world.

At a time of great distress and pain for all the ethnic groups of Sri Lanka devastated by the Tsunami there has been a great reconciliation of people as observed globally and the efforts of the Ruling Administration of President Chandrika Kumaratunga has been lauded and accolladed for the manner in which she has attended to the needs of all the affected, impartially and justly with the magnanimous help of World Aid and professional staff who have rallied to Sri Lanka's call! which as a consequence would deem this item callous, decietful and shameless!

On the issue of fortifying the Military Reserves and resources of Sri Lanka it is an inalienable right of a Sovereign Democratic Nation to be able to defend its Sovereign and Territorial Integrity and Sri Lanka is indeed a Sovereign Territory ruled by her Sinhalese majority in conjoint administrative union at Parliamentary and Cabinet level of many ethnicities including Tamils and Muslims which when threatened by a source as impure, evil and mendacious as the LTTE given their objectives and track record has every right towards fortifying and defending her Nation and people.

The so called 'injustices' against the Tamil people refered to here has a reciprocity applicable in greater perspective to the terrorists and their allies who are enemies of a Sovereign State and the Sinhalese people whose right to redress goes far beyond the puerile will of a few Tamil expatriates who orchestrate and compose cheap sensationalist documents such as this purely to attract world attention.

It should also be pointed out that there is no 'Tamil homeland ' within Sri lanka other than a forcibly occupied illegal terrorist enclave in the North and East of Sri Lanka which needs to be demolished and reclaimed as part of Sri Lanka's overall territory.The reason that this enclave is still standing is probably attributable to the honor involved in the Peace process and Ceasefire signed between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE and if there is a need to bolster the Sri Lankan Military towards the objective of restoring overall territory and defending it, it is an Administrative decision governed by the Constitition of Sri Lanka which mandates such an action.A normal course of action as the entitlement of any Sovereign Nation.

It has to be unequivocally emphasized to the writer and perhaps to any other undiscerning areas of observation to this apathetic and ludicrous entreaty that despite its rhetoric, the Sri Lankan Tamils in particular as well as Muslims and other minorities have always enjoyed freedom of movement and have been accorded equal rights of citizenship until the folly of the Tamil Insurgency two decades ago where even high ranking much respected Tamils within Sri Lanka have condemned the actions of the LTTE on a consensus that they are evil and destructive hence their condemnation by a greater part of the International Community and many leading Nations who have chosen to proscribe and ban them.

To appeal to the world to desisit from providing Military Aid To Sri Lanka would be as futile as attempting to prevent the ocean tides which are a natural occurence in the face of the perils an unguarded Sri Lanka would face by her oppressors given the slightest opportunity.
To the contrary the call should be to provide every means by all concerned for Sri Lanka to ward off her enemies, defend her territory and quash the rhetoric of impure thought towards Sri Lanka's undivided Sovereign existence which seems to be the objective of feeble opinion expressed in this article!

Tamil ask to international community for justice
Tuesday, 18 January 2005, 9:25 am
Press Release: Tamil

The appeal to international community please give us justice

We appeal to international community please give us justice and helps to our freedom struggle and urge other nations to stop giving military aid to sri lanka.Sri Lankan government and its armed forces have declared war on the Tamil people and unleashed military terror in order to subjugate them by force.

In order to maintain their oppressive rule over the Tamil people the Sinhala occupation army has committed, and continue to commit, horrendous human rights violations in the form of murder/extra-judicial killings/disappearances/ rape /torture etc with impunity.

sri lanka sinhala governments use its labels to cover up state of terror and continue to lies and give false information's about Tamils freedom struggle.Tamils lost every rights human should have and face ethnics clearance, our home land occupied by arm forces over millions Tamils genocides and our daily life in dark prison.

its sad some nations still not seeing tha real unjustices face and dont understan the hiding evil motive of sri lanka and give military aid to themes its will make more bloodshed of killing and block tha way of peace in order to discuss a political settlement to end over 20 years of civil war.

Tamils home land Its remains an occupied territory of the Sri Lankan military. While the government and the LTTE conduct their protracted negotiations, an estimated over 130,000 people are still living in over-crowded conditions in refugee camps or with relatives or friends, having been driven from their homes by the Sri Lankan security forces to establish militarised high security zones (HSZs).

international community hae a responcibility to use its good offices and diplomatic efforts which have aimed at bringing together the representatives of Sri Lankan Government and Tamil Eelam representatives to work out a viable and durable justice constitutional set up, which would meet the Tamil speaking community aspirations and enable themes to live in Sri Lanka with safety and dignity.

The appeals to all nation have a duty to stop giving military aid to sri lanka.we also praying to god please stop tha nations giving military aid to sri lanka and give your justice to Tamils and restore their rights.



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