US Congressman Danny K Davis…May God bless him, for "….blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed".

Charles Perera

The US Congressman for Illinois, Mr.Danny K.Davis, did not probably hear of Rajasingham Jayadevan and A.K.Vivekanandan, who were one time friends of the terrorists, but who were later incarcerated and tortured by these murderers. Their harrowing tale is worth reading if Mr. Davis, could get hold of the English papers of about the same time, that he was hosted by the LTTE.

“London, 16 April, (; British newspapers published locally in Harrow and Edgware narrate the heart-rending story that Rajasingham Jeyadevan and A.K.Vivekanandan were duped into to visit Vanni in Sri Lanka the stronghold of the Tamil terrorists outfit and the detail of their arrest, incarceration, torture and captivity and held incommunicado for 62 and 42 torturous days respectively.”

US Congressman Danny K Davis, I am sure is a good man. God loving and kind towards the different communal groups, that make up his electorate. Good men too could be naïve. After all Mr.Davis stayed with the LTTE band, and was hosted and entertained by them. We too believe that it is not fair to speak ill of those who hosted you while you stayed with them under the same roof and partook of their meals.

If you are hosted by a set of murderers, oozing with kindness and abundant in hospitality, how can you be expected, to be critical after such sumptuous attention. Certainly not, you will speak kindly of your host even if you do not know any thing of their beginning and their comportment out of sight from their honoured guest ! And ofcourse Mr. Davis did not hear of the LTTE pistol gang out on their killing spree.

We cannot expect Mr.Davis to be objective, because he only paid a visit as requested by the Tamil community, an important group among his voters. It is in his interest to keep his Senate seat, that he keeps his voters happy. Mr. Davis is very intelligent he stayed within the LTTE camp, and he reports what the terrorists -“Tamils who want peace with dignity, justice and equal opportunity”, tell him to say.

If Mr. Davis interviewed Tamils outside the LTTE camps he would have been accompanied by one or two terrorists or their goons in clean white dress, and the innocent Tamils who are fed up with the LTTE, would have told Mr.Davis, what the terrorist who accompanied him, prompted them to say. In any case Mr.Davis does not know Tamil, and had to accept the interpreted version. That is a very “independent” way of making inquiries. That way every body is happy, Mr.Davis had his holiday, he pleased a part of his constituents in Illinois and LTTE has another testimonial to go by.

Mr.Davis does not know that the Sinhala , Muslim , Burgher; Malay and other communities that make up the population of Sri Lanka are not against the Tamil people. We have all lived together in this little Island, gone to same schools, played Cricket and Volleyball together and shared many things in common.

The Tamils that we do not like are the terrorists that call themselves the LTTE and those who pander for them. The rest of the Tamils are our brothers and sisters, we of the Sinhala majority love them and they are not ruled with an iron rod. We do not like these bumptious Tamil terrorists, and all those, high ranking Government and non-government personnel from America, Europe or Japan who run around with them, shaking their blood stained hands.

Mr.Davis got the history mixed up, the Sri Lankan Tamils cannot be compared to the American Africans. There is a difference in the histories of the two groups. The Sri Lankan Tamils along with the Sinhala, Muslim, and Malays were the architects of the present Sri Lankan Nation. We were together in our pains and happiness. As in all families we have had our differences. The Tamil terrorists are different, they are the little drops of cow-dung that spoilt the whole bucket of milk, the cancer that is killing a nation.

We do not blame the United States Congressman from Illinois Danny K.Davis, and we are not angry with him. May God bless Mr. Davis, and may he continue to be the Congressman for Illinois for some more time. “…..Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”. (St.John, 20.24)



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