Why we want a Joint Mechanism ? The Government of Sri Lanka should be the
mechanism for all national / international issues related to Sri Lanka.

Jaliya Weerasinghe Sydney Australia

Having gone through the enormous amount of reports, newspaper articles, amendments, proposals and emails etc, I am under the impression that the people of Sri Lanka have forgotten the well-known strategy of LTTE, “Little now and more later”. The so-called Joint Mechanism (JM) is also another brilliant strategy planted by the LTTE intellectuals. Unfortunately, it appears that almost all patriots of Sri Lanka have fallen in to their trap.

The Government of Sri Lanka, democraticvally elected by the people of Sri Lanka, whether ruled by SLFP, UNP, JVP, JHU, TNA or Thondaman, should be the mechanism for all national and international issues related to Sri Lanka. It is simple as that. The concept of so-called Joint Mechanism should be rejected at this early stage without talking about it. Once this concept is accepted, that will be the end of Sri Lanka.

If the JM is established, LTTE has won the hard part of the battle. Then, in 2~3 years down the track, they will demand more powers as JM is already established. Remember, Little now ! more later !

I do not know when our patriots can understand this hidden strategy of LTTE ?



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