Peradeniya Teaching Hospital in the Central Province.

Charles Perera

There was a news report of a mysterious health condition reported from the above Hospital. This hospital is at least in one case known to me showed utter negligence both by the Doctors and the Hospital authorities about a patient admitted to the hospital.

My niece who was 23 years of age was expecting her first baby. The lady doctor who followed her case was a Professor in gynaecology attached to the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital, who was a channeled consultant . My niece attended her clinic for consultations, for which she paid the Doctor Rs.250,00 for each visit.

At about the seventh month of her pregnancy my niece had a slight fever. When she consulted the Professor at the clinic, she was told, that it was nothing to worry about and not to pay attention to the mother-in-laws who have a general tendency to exaggerate these matters. The fever passed away and she developed acute pain in the stomach. Still the Doctor did not take the problem seriously and patched up with this or that pill.

On the eighth month of her pregnancy my niece was very ill. We went to see the Doctor and was told that the Doctor was on leave and there was no Doctor attending to her cases, and that we should take the patient to the Hospital. We took my niece to the Peradeniya Teaching hospital on a Saturday and there was no Doctor in attendance. The nurses were not very helpful, nor were they resourceful. The following day was a Sunday and my niece was suspected of having hepatitis. There was still no Doctor to attend on her, she was separated from the rest of the patients and kept like an animal without anybody attending to her.

She remained suffering until Monday evening. Only then was she examined by a Doctor. She was then removed to another ward, and blood samples were taken to be sent to Colombo for examination, the hospital not having a proper laboratory. Bloood report came four days after confirming she was suffering from Hepatitis. The following day her child died in her stomach. We found that the lady gynaecologist (a Professor on the subject)who attended on her was gone to Kataragama, without naming a doctor to take care of her patients.

Later, when the husband of my niece called the Doctor at her home in Colombo, she had curtly said, that if the mother is suffering from hepatitis, the baby will not survive and mother may also die . But she never came or sent a message to the Hospital. My niece was very ill and the Doctors did not want to do a cecerian operation as she was having hepatitis. Finally she was removed to the ICU. The dead foetus came out naturally. But her condition worsened and died while she was still in the ICU.

She died because of the negligence of the Doctor who attended on her, who did not examine her properly when she had fever. And then the negligence of the hospital not making any effort to give her proper medical treatment or even getting a Doctor to Examine her for almost three days. As a result the blood report was delayed. When she died a Senior nurse called at home to collect the medical reports that had been given to her by the gynaecologist. My brother did not want to take legal action against the hospitalm as he said, that it would not bring back his daughter.

Subsequently we came to know that there were several such incidents of negligence in this hospital. I was not surprised when I read this new case of mystery deaths in this hospital. The Ministry of Health should make a thorough investigation of what is happening in this Peradeniya Teaching Hospital in the Central Province and have more efficient persons put in charge of its administration.



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