The future generations will hate Ven Ellawela Medhananda Thera (JHU) and Mr Somawansa Amarasinghe (JVP),
if ………………………..

ByJaliya Weerasinghe Sydney, Australia

Open Letter to Ven Ellawela Medhananda Thera (JHU) and Mr Somawansa
Amarasinghe (JVP)

Venerable Sir / Dear Mr Amasinghe,

No need to explain both of you; Sri Lanka is currently experiencing another, perhaps worst, darkest period in her future. The so-called joint Mechanism (JM), if established, will be the beginning of the fall of the nation. We all agree this without any arguments whatsoever.

The enemy of JVP is not the JHU; It is LTTE. Similarly, the enemy of JHU is not the JVP; It is again LTTE. If both leaders of JVP and JHU can understand this simple matter, the people of Sri Lanka will have a future; Otherwise not.

There could be minor personal differences between individuals in JVP and JHU. That is the nature of all human beings. There are some disagreement between husband and wife, between brothers and sisters. It is the reality of this world. But, at this 11th hour, JVP and JHU need to forget those minor personal differences for the sake of survival of Mother Lanka, and should join work together with common objectives to defeat our common enemy, the LTTE. This does not mean that both parties should join together and form a new political party. If that is possible, it is the best. Otherwise, both parties could go ahead as it is on their political objectives, but, the nation expects both parties to join work togrther at this critical stage to save Mother Lanka.

Please do not aim for short-term goals. In other words, ie: how to win the next general election, how many seats for us or similar. If both JVP and JHU go on this path, the patriots will be divided, eventhough both groups are working towards the same objective, but out of phase, not synchronised. Eventually, at the end of the day, the traitors will join hands and claim the victory. That was the mistake done by all political parties ruled Sri Labnka, since gaining the independence in 1948.

Dear JVP and JHU - Itís the time to join work together and fight with common enemy. Both parties have enourmous strengths, resources and talents, more importantly a clear vision. There are no selfish culprits in these two parties. Both parties need to sacrifise little bit for the sake of Mother Lanka. Please, think of the long-term stability of the nation. It is in your hands.

Otherwise, future generations will blame both of you, for not taking the right decision at crusial times in the history. They will hate both of you.

Hope, you can understand my message.

Jaliya Weerasinghe
Sydney, Australia



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