LTTE's Aerial Capability: UFPA Leaders - Either reckon with it now or you will be sadly missed to reckon with it later!


Recent well researched articles re. LTTE's aerial capability by Iqbal Athas in the SL Sunday Times give bone chilling implications.

First the solution, in my view:

Instead of depending on LTTE partial Norwegians (and their stooges, the SLMM), GOSL should bring the gravity of this situation to the attention of those few countries that SL considers her friends (USA, India, UK, Australia, Japan, etc.) and request that these countries, through Norway, exert pressure on the LTTE to promptly disband its aerial capability. Disbanding means either the surrendering the aircraft to a neutral third party or the witnessed destruction of the aircraft by a neutral third party. This request must be accompanied with a precisely worded decision that the GOSL has already made - that failing of the LTTE comply with the demand within a deadline will leave GOSL no choice but to carry out pre-emptive air strikes against LTTE's air wing structure, and the corresponding environs, at Killinochchi. Finally, GOSL should follow through with this ultimatum if the LTTE does not comply as to do otherwise is simply suicidal anyway. This essentially is SL's own Bay of Pigs!

Although this advice may sound rather radical, let us consider the following to illustrate the wisdom of this pre-emptive, countermeasure:

Next suicide bombing likely will be from the air

" The aircraft in LTTE's possession are reported to be capable of carrying a minimum 1,040Kg load and the ability to fly minimum 1,200Kms without refueling. Now it does not take de-cryptography to figure out that a plane loaded with 1,040Kgs of High Explosives (HE), upon impact will blow even the most well guarded structure in SL to smithereens. Apparently, it took only 50Kgs of HE to bring the whole Central Bank building crashing down and cause substantial destruction to adjacent buildings. Therefore, in this context one can just imagine the horror if a plane loaded with 1,040kgs of HE was used as a missile. The President's place, the Prime Minister's residence, the Parliament, are some of the prime targets that LTTE would go for and despite the alleged air defenses at these locations, there is no guarantee of stopping a LTTE suicide punch-through. If there is a punch-through, then sadly UPFA you will not be around to reckon with the appropriate response to the LTTE for this "misdeed."

Of course, the LTTE can also aim these missile-planes at either the Palaly airbase or the Colombo airbase, to basically decimate the SL's air defense capability. However, judging by history, I do not think this will be a great concern to the politicians, irrespective of their stripes.

A few other points relevant in this context are:

" Since assuming office, UPFA leaders have been dilly-dallying with the LTTE's security threat to the Nation. Even Hon. Madam CBK who removed the responsibility for the three key ministries, including the very critical Defense, from the Ranil W's UNF kooky administration in November 2003 (based on well founded concerns for national security) has failed to see LTTE downscale its military might. On the contrary, since then the LTTE has grown to greater strengths and now it has even aerial attack capability!

" The clear case of UPFA dilly-dallying with the Nation's security is illustrated by the noise it made during the election campaign about how seriously compromised our Naval installation in Trincomalee had become due the LTTE build up of new camps and bunkers in the surrounding area. Less vociferous protests were made to the Norwegians after the UPFA assumed power and then gradually the protests became muted and eventually the matter was forgotten, with not a single camp/bunker being removed. Consequently, today our Naval installation at Trinco is in serious danger of artillery and mortar attacks should the LTTE actively resume hostilities.

" The Norwegians' strategy has been to log these protests and twiddle thumbs until GOSL forgets them and moves onto other pressing issues. As for the LTTE, when these protests get too loud and visible, its strategy has been to dangle the carrot that "agreement for peace talks recommencement imminent" which it knows is pure opium to our gullible honchos in the GOSL. Even now, the LTTE is dangling a similar carrot with the assistance of Norwegians, hoping this whole business of LTTE's aerial capability will soon blow away.

Well, UPFA, giving into this treachery can blow away your future - literally!



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