Blatant Distortion of the History of Sri Lanka by The CBC

Ananda Wijesinghe Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Canadian government's progressive nurture of the Tamil Terrorism operating against Sri Lanka in the Canadian soil, have been extremely enhanced in many folds, taking advantage of the recent Tsunami Disaster that devastated the entire coastal belt of the country by "fishing in troubled waters".

The CBC Internet version of January 19, 2005 appears to spearhead such unscrupulous attempts by trying to mutilate the long standing, written history of the Island Nation. CBC's newly formulated history of Sri Lanka speaks of a fictitious people from India coming to Sri Lanka 2400 years ago.

It also ventures to add that the Tamils drove away the Veddah's who, CBC endeavours to show the world as the “Native Indigenous People” of the country, which is another blatant distortion of the history of a people.

Further more, they have said, the Chinese held sway over Sri Lanka from 1408 until the Portuguese arrival in 1505. This is just another calculated lie of the writer, surely with his irresistible need to cause deliberate attempt at distorting the nation's unblemished history, in favor of the 'Tamil Vote-Base existing in Ontario', beyond which we see no useful concern for such attempts.

Sri Lanka is one of the most ancient civilisations of the world. The beautiful chronicles Deepavamsa, Chulavamsa and Mahavamsa which themselves date far back to the sixth (6) Century BCE, well speaks of the Sinhela nation’s historical splendour.

Archeological evidence to the existence of an advanced civilization in the country, which was originally called 'Heladiva' (The island of Helas) and later 'Sinhale' goes much farther than 30,000 years.

Of course, there is evidence of record that a group of 700 people were blown off to the West Coasts of the Island, from East of India headed by a Royal Prince by the name of Vijaya, that belonged to a Clan called "Sinha” (Lion). Consequently, they mingled into the indigenous "Hela" people and evolved as the (Sin+Hela) "Sinhela" Nation.

In an historical evolution of the Sinhela Nation, the whole Island, in its entirety was developed by the Sinhela people, whose exquisite splendour could be witnessed by the restored ruins of great cities throughout the country, like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Yapahuwa, Senkadagala (Kandy) and many other areas of the Southern, Northern and Eastern territories.

Trade ties with friendly countries like China, Malabar and the Arabian sectors never entailed in invasion or endeavours at "ruling" the country, as falsely figmented by the CBC in its spiteful endeavour.

It is true that South Indian Tamils were brought in by the British rulers in the 17th Century to engage their labour for the Coffe and Tea plantations.

I am hopeful that the CBC will have the courage to rectify their apparantly willful, deliberate and hollow attempt at distorting the History of the indigenous Sinhela Nation of Sri Lanka.




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