People elect governments not only to address their daily needs but primarily to eradiate threats to the sovereignty and security of the country and embark on a non-treacherous development plan, and to guarantee a better future for the posterity. Regrettably, Sri Lanka has become a strange nation where the majority of the politicians who get elected as a result of an abhorrent electoral system despite rejection by the voters in their respective constituencies reign supreme, help the avowed enemies, allow aliens to determine the course of governance and scorn the voice of the patriots, religious dignitaries, intelligentsia, and the people. The treacherous MOU signed by the Wickremasinghe government and the proposed “Joint- Mechanism” are two instruments that no country in the world would have tolerated even under the most dismal circumstances.

The terrorist pet Solheim is once again desecrating our precious soil in a fervent bid to impose a treacherous agreement to provide the terrorists complete power in the disbursement of Tsunami relief funds and material, and implement reconstruction and rehabilitation work in the areas of Northern and Eastern provinces affected by the Tsunami tidal waves. The proposed arrangement called “Joint Mechanism” in reality is a “Joint machination by the terrorists and the Norwegians”, to hoodwink Sri Lankans through a document skillfully drafted by terrorists together with the white tiger Norwegians.

Under the hideous proposal the government will abdicate its responsibility of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction tasks in the Tsunami affected Northern and Eastern Provinces to an Authority virtually controlled by the LTTE, with five members nominated by the them, one Norwegian, and the remaining four members representing two each from other communities living in the region.

Since the day this hideous proposal was floated, the Norwegians have made zealous and frantic efforts to promote it and canvass world and local opinion in support of this machination. Tamilchelvan’s recent European and South African tour accompanied by co-author of the proposal Pullidevan, arranged and organized by Norwegians was a major campaign to harness international support for this sellout. While the UNP has given its wholehearted support for this machination, dollar- crows such as Jehan Perera and several other ignominious NGO elements are leading a massive campaign to mislead the Sri Lankans citing the proposal as the best and only solution to salvage Sri Lanka from the current crisis.

The terrorist-Norwegian combine has also opened up a new frontline, in a major bid to make inroads into the SLFP segment of the Alliance Government. It is amazing to find the self-proclaimed champion of the so-called Deputy Ministers Form, apparently a self-aggrandized solo operation Unit, claiming that more than 60% of tsunami-affected area come under rebel control (Daily Mirror 13.04.05). If this contention is accurate the terrorists should be holding control over both Northern and Eastern provinces in its entirety, and further areas. This shows the level of abject ignorance of our present Parliamentarians and the dangers facing the nation due to these frivolous individuals.

As per the official statistics there are 228,503 persons displaced by the Tsunami in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Of this, 103,285 are from the worst-hit Ampara district, where the death toll alone amounted to almost 11,000 and another 821 persons missing. Nearly 70% of the displaced in the Ampara district are Muslims. 14% displaced in the Batticaloa and nearly 50 percent of the Trincomalee districts are Muslims. All in all over 50% of the IDPs in the Northern and Eastern provinces are Muslims. The so-called “Joint Mechanism” proposal has been authored without paying any attention to the views and opinion of the displaced persons or their community leaders and without giving any consideration to the actual hardships being faced by the affected population.

Legal luminaries and political commentators condemn the proposal saying that at a time the terrorists are being gradually eliminated from the Ampara-Batticaloa districts, the so-called mechanism would empower the terrorists to control the affairs of the whole Northern and Eastern provinces through its majority representation, the status quo it sought through the despicable ISGA proposals. Another factor is that it goes beyond the treacherous MOU in legitimizing the LTTE as the MOU provided only free access to the entirety of the two provinces whereas this proposal recognize the LTTE as the legitimate authority over tsunami related issues for the entirety of the two provinces. They also point out that it makes the government to willingly abdicate territory and rights the terrorists failed to gain in the battlefield and through other means. The adoption of this miserable proposal would certainly legitimize the authority of the terrorist LTTE in these two provinces and help persuade the foreign governments to recognize the two provinces as a territorial entity outside the jurisdiction of the Sri Lankan government.

The major dilemma affecting our country is the threat to sovereignty under undue bullying by alien powers and NGO rogues, and their stooges holding political authority. Politicians of different hues in the limelight, and some other political parasites in the lower ranks value alien opinion and bow down to alien and NGO intrigues disregarding national interests. In such circumstances it is fortunate to find the group of Parliamentarians in the JVP determined to defeat the so- called “joint machination” of the terrorist-alien combine even losing their Ministerial portfolios and prepared to leave the government in protest. JHU’s opposition to the proposal is also a welcome sign.

This is a crucial time facing the very existence of our country. This is a time the entire nation should unite against the forces of evil that bow down to terrorist and alien intrigues. Many in the SLFP parliamentary group, the members of MEP, NUA and SLMC cannot under any circumstances support the treacherous Joint Mechanism proposal. They have a national duty to join with the JVP Parliamentary group and rise against the minority group in the Freedom Alliance that support the proposal, together with the TNA-UNP combine. Even the patriotic elements in the UNP parliamentary group have the responsibility of deserting their rank and joining the patriots.

All political forces, patriotic organizations, trade unions, and other groups also have a noble role to play at this crucial time. It is their bounden duty to rise in unison eschewing all their petty differences and continuously agitate using all available means and employing all possible forms to defeat this treacherous proposal and save the nation’s unitary character and the sovereignty.



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