Joint Mechanism or the Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOM) as baptized recently by the President commandeered much protests, demonstrations and debates, from all patriotic forces – the Maha Sangha, other religious dignitaries, Sinhalas, Muslims, Non- terrorist Tamils, and Eastern Tamils who resist the Vanni terrorists.

The treacherous UNP leadership and his cohorts gave it unconditional support and was fervently waiting with the proxy TNA for its illegal delivery. Dollar fed devious NGO rogues, and media mafia (including unashamed ones in the State media) were making frantic efforts to deceive the masses by showering chains of eulogy on the purported importance, significance, prudence and the necessity of this horrendous proposal. Wide protests and condemnation carried out in Colombo and in the provinces, however, succeeded in preventing its birth before the Aid Conference held in Kandy.

The so-called proposals believed to have been drafted by the terrorists together with the white tiger Norwegians is believed to be envisaging for establishment of an Authority controlled by the depleted Vanni terrorists to manage disbursement of Tsunami related foreign aid in the six Tsunami affected districts of Northern and Eastern provinces despite the fact that Tamils constituted the minority victims in the 3 districts of the Eastern province. Furthermore, victimized Tamils in the Eastern province, especially in the districts of Batticaloa and Ampara desist their rule by the Vanni terrorists, since the life of their children are imperiled by the Vanni terrorists.

Although the President had spoken confidently about the proposed document yet it remain a total illusion, as it had not been presented at any Forum. Perhaps the white tiger Norwegians were planning to get it signed on the sly, as they did with Ranil Wickremasinghe in 2002. It seems that even the veteran Foreign Minister Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar is unaware of the pros and cons of this so-called agreement. In a recent interview with the BBC Mr. Kadiragamar said that it has been facilitated by Norway and the President has assured that it is a limited agreement, with no legal power and meant only for Tsunami construction work (BBC-Asia Today – 09.05.2005). The UNP on the other hand unequivocally assured support for the proposal while reproaching the JVP for opposing the deal. (Island : 06.05.05). Addressing a news conference yesterday the terrorist mouthpiece in the UNP, G.L.Peiris has urged the President to sign the so-called agreement by turning her words into deeds (Daily Mirror: 20.05.05).

Except for the ignorant European Union’s unconditional simple request for an arrangement with the terrorists, none of the other participants of the Kandy Donor Conference insisted on the need for such an arrangement for the disbursement of the Tsunami development aid pledged at that international forum. (Even the European Union would have changed their stance if they were apprised the real political implications and the factual nature of the terrorists.). In such a circumstance it is amazing to find President Chandrika Kumaratunge bending over backwards to draw in the terrorists for a despicable arrangement and going to the extent of antagonizing and provoking the patriots and the very people who rescued her from the ignominy of UNP harassment and who voted for installation of the Freedom Alliance government into power conferring her the fruits of freedom of expression and freedom of consciousness.

It is also astonishing to see the President making use of the Rupavahini to mislead the masses for reproaching the patriotic forces and claim that “they (the terrorists) have agreed to work in harmony within one organization which includes the Government of Sri Lanka, whose sovereignty they acknowledge “. This is diabolical misrepresentation of facts and a deliberate attempt to bestow merit on the terrorists as it was being done by the treacherous Ranil-Peiris combine during the previous government.

The position of the terrorists on the subject was clearly illustrated on the major terrorist organs on the 18th May at the close of the Donor Conference. The editorial of the terrorists’ weekly publication “Tamil Guardian” said that JVP’s blanket opposition to any deal with the LTTE failed for the Joint Mechanism to materialize before the Donor Conference. Blaming many international donors for agreeing to disburse aid through the Sri Lankan State, it castigates the President saying that “she continues to prevaricate over the Joint Mechanism” and “she has demonstrated her duplicity many times in the past 8 years”. Meanwhile “TamilNet” says that when Anton Balasingham met Eric Solheim in London on May 18th he urged that “President Kumaratunga must engage seriously with the LTTE in finalising the terms of the joint mechanism and sign the agreement to enable aid to flow to the Northeast”. Similarly, Tamilselvan in an interview to their daily “Sudar Oli” states that his organization agreed to work with the government only as an emergency measure and it would not in any way amount to accepting Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

These statements and pronouncements as well as UNP and TNA’s dirty manoeuvres evidently exemplify that the terrorists are keen to get the so-called agreement signed as it would grant them international recognition as a body responsible for administering the Northern and Eastern regions of the country, and thereby it would strengthen their claim for separate statehood. Instead of presenting wild theories of percentages and democracy, instead of using every means to attain her personal desire or the desire of some hidden hands forcing her to act, the President should abandon the faulty concept of Joint Mechanism as without such an arrangement the post-Tsunami requirements have been met as follows:

a) Donor countries have pledged sufficient aid without any tie up to the horrendous joint mechanism demanded by the terrorists and their proxies UNP/TNA nexus.

b) 194 donors have pledged to construct about 97,000 houses (fully or partly damaged houses amounted to 55,561). As per Chairman of the Task Force for Rebuilding the Nation (TAFREN) Mano Tittawela, construction work on permanent houses has begun and will be able to achieve the set target and complete over 80% of the work by the end of the year. (Sunday Observer : 01.05.05)

c) Foreign governments, and various international organizations have undertaken renovation, reconstruction, or building complete modern schools to replace damaged and destroyed schools in all the 11 Tsunami affected districts except a few schools. (Ministry of Education website)

d) Fisheries Ministry and Ceynor have launched extensive programmes to provide boats and fishing gear to the affected fisher folk, and reconstruct the damage fishery harbours and anchoring points. Many other relief measures such as fuel concessions etc., have also being provided.

e) Tsunami affected families are being paid a monthly allowance of Rs. 5,000 and provided with dry rations and upto now the terrorist outfit has not made any complain about non-receipt of these facilities.

It is the government machinery, the armed forces, the relief organizations, and the general public that went to rescue and help the people as well as the terrorists in the first few weeks of the disaster when the terrorist outfit was in disarray. If these arrangements worked without any fault at that time and are working upto now, why it should be handed over to a ruthless fascist terrorist group reputed for murder and mayhem. If they are really interested in the welfare of the people living in the occupied areas, let them unconditionally cooperate with the government agencies involved in the reconstruction and rehabilitations activities.



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