Thamilselvam's Shenanigans Blinkered Towards The Needs Of His Own Community!

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It seems a tragic reprisal for all the efforts of Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga seeking peace with the Joint Mechanism as a certain S.P. Tamilselvam as the chief spokesperson for the LTTE has had the affront to state publicly that the LTTE "will not work under any authority, direct or otherwise, of the Sri Lankan Government." Many analysts with a wry sense of humor call this Thamilselvam shenanigans intended to confuse, yet blinkered towards the needs of his own Tamil community in Tsunami affected areas.

That such arrogant and apathetic comments should come from an individual who seems to be the back up for its dissapeared leader Velupillai Pirapaharan, who at least does a better job of barking! to give the devil its due, comes as no surprise given his non entity status and the frustrations encountered by the LTTE from various causes including their debilitation by the Tsunami, but the lesson should be learned that the writng's already on the wall that there should be no negotiations between a legitimate Government and outlawed terrorists, a point in case which all the opponents to the Joint Mechanism have been insisting vehemently about. Perhaps the response of Thamilselvam should be inspirational towards negating any Governmental ambitions and to rescind its present approach towards involving the LTTE while heeding the advice of the JVP and lately the Jathika Hela Urumaya forerunners of a vast conglomerate of opposition to the current format of the Joint Tsunami mechnism involving the LTTE.

Perhaps the best response to Thamilselvam's uncalled for and somewhat ignorant remarks would be to ignore them as coming from a prejudiced and jaundiced mind of confusion as well as disorientation of LTTE representation as to their current status where curiously the role of LTTE's leadership spokesmanship seems to have bypassed the 'eminent' Velupillai Pirapaharan and fallen intoThamilselvam's jurisdiction where the former seems to have gone underground literally, as some analysts seem to believe, in one of the expensive coffins observed being held aloft soon after the tsunami hit Mullativu. A theatrical double sporting much the same type of moustache as Thamilselvam, is purported to be acting as the dissapeared Pirapaharan for the benefit of Wanni visitors albeit of a somewhat silent type!
Thamilselvam's outburst of anguish ( a diplomatic way of labelling it as opposed to equating it to a dog barking at the moon!) is typical of LTTE arrogance where they have neither any entitlement to the attitude, in dealing with a Sovereign Government nor any real need for an official response whilst in the capacity of outlawed terrorists and to insist that the comments of the President are irresponsible and a cause for LTTE anger somewhat contentious while at the same time being ludicrous as most LTTE parlance has been lately. But what is even more ludicrous is the fact that the Government has been snubbed by the LTTE who have provided what the more discerning would term "Poetic Justice" for the futile Governmental efforts towards coralling their attentions and responses as an overture towards peace which has also provided cause for great concern by a greater proportion of the Sinhala Nation that the Government is going about it the wrong way.

Quite obviously Tamilselvan has in his typical manner backtracked on agreements, negotiated through Norway as Mediator, to co-operate with the Sri Lankan Government as a focal point towards the best interests of all the other communities involved. True to the LTTE form of reneging on agreements and accords he has insisted on a new formula where the LTTE would work “only in tandem with an independent body comprising foreign monitors and observers." in quoting a recent media release which translates to the LTTE's reluctance to be a part of any joint venture with the Sri Lankan Government and least of all to be working under the direction of the Sri Lankan Government which has the only entitlement to the concession being the legitimate authority in dealing with such matters. That there is a request to work jointly with an “independent body” consisting of “foreign monitors and observers”as proposed by Thamilselvam cannot be deemed acceptable by any definition as a viable alternative and a total waste of time where only the sufferings of the victims of the tsunami get prolonged and the Government if it so chooses would end up dancing to the tunes of the LTTE.
While all this highlights the futility of directly involving the LTTE in the Joint Mechanism, it has also provided support for those in opposition to any LTTE participation which now through the meanderings of Thamilselvam in addition to instigating Presidential chagrin has also embarrassed US efforts for Tsunami Relief as well as thrown an iron in the works as far as Norway's mediations are concerned where the modus operandi of the LTTE to create as much confusion as possible towards their anticipated advantage seems to be the order of the day.A political analyst rather satirically has been quoted as saying: “Tamilselvan has kicked the President right out of the proposed Joint Mechanism into the arms of the JVP. Tamilselvan has also kicked the Norwegians in that sensitive place where it hurts most.” end quote where an alternate interpretation would seem as though Thamilselvam has further widened the gap between himself and his community while portraying further the weakness of LTTE credibility towards the integrity needed for their recognition and acceptance while synonymously depicting Norway as a mere stepping stone to their objectives which is fast becoming mired in a quicksand of their own creation!

Unfortunately for them, this time around their misguided trajectories seems poised to backfire on them as they will invariably get pushed into a corner of non recognition both Nationally and Internationally.A place where they in reality always belonged and the hardest hit as a sad eventuality will be their own Tamil community, many of whom have already openly begun to disown them as a direct consequence of their abject LTTE induced miseries.

Disbursement of Tsunami Aid through any Joint Mechanism, it has to be concluded, needs no LTTE involvement taking into consideration their terrorist status as the only representation needed should be from the victims themselves and perhaps the approaches to these victims is to bulldoze a path accessible to the Aid Providers where any LTTE opposition is mowed down and cast into oblivion and the joke surrounding the so called "LTTE controlled areas" transformed into the reality that all of Sri Lanka is Sovereign territory !



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