TBC – Tamil radio station temporarily suspend broadcasting services due to a break in at the studio

Press Release

We regret to announce that we are compelled to temporarily suspend our broadcasting services due to a break in at our studio. Saboteurs have broken in to TBC studio in the early hours of 22nd May 2005.

According to our satellite service providers our service was disconnected at 01:01 a.m. vital studio equipments have been stolen and the cable connecting the up linking facility has been severed. Valuable Tamil compact discs were also stolen and studio has been vandalised.

The deliberate manner in which the up-linking facility was severed point the finger towards a terrorist organisation whose supporters have regularly issued death threat to the TBC programmes director if he continues the TBC service. Readers may know that the TBC is the only Radio station to broadcast impartial news and provide a platform for alternate points of view.

In recent weeks TBC and particularly its program director Mr. V.Ramaraj were receiving death threats and anonymous telephone calls. The police have been informed and they are investigating this matter. Some of the telephone numbers from which these calls were made are also known to the local police. Some callers threatened the TBC that they would come and smash the place so that TBC would cease to broadcast. All these persons who made abusive calls demanded that TBC should broadcast only the views of the LTTE.

TBC administration strongly suspects that the banned terrorist group LTTE instigated this break-in. We call upon the people, and all our listeners to protest to the local LTTE office and demand them to publicly disassociate with these criminal acts and condemn those who are engaged in these activities.

TBC administration expresses its regrets for this abrupt disruption to its services and is taking necessary steps to resume its service as soon as possible.

Programme Director,

V. Ramaraj



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