Wesak Thoughts

By Laxman G, A globe trotter.

The birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha Siddhartha Gauthama, tells us to be guided by wisdom and compassion.

Siddhartha Gautham was born as a Hindu, achieved enlightenment as a Hindu sage, and died as a Hindu. Thus, only crooked necked scavenging vultures, not Hindus, would attack even a statue of Buddha whose temples are open to all Hindus as open are Hindu Kovils to all Buddhists.

There is no fundamental difference between Buddhism and Hinduism. Even the Anathma concept of Buddhism is equivalent to the Paramathma concept of Hinduism. There are only minor differences of paths to Moksha as much as there are differences among diverse schools of Buddhism or schools of Hinduism. As we advance on the path of wisdom all the differences disappear.

Yes, our languages are different. But it is not difficult to learn each others languages as the Indians do. It is easy to learn a new language when you hear it around you from the toddler age. So it is important that communities are not segregated. Within few generations our children will speak Sinhala, Tamil, English and also Hindi equally well. Then, the differences will be a great fun for them. And imagine the quadrupling of the creative capacity of these children who will access unimaginable intellectual treasures represented by these four languages.

May there be peace in the name of the generation to come!



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