Walter Rajaratne in Sydney

The Island editorial of 22-03-05 quoted by Lankaweb on "silencing good men make way for evil to flourish" speaks volumes to the hypocrisy of Sri Lankan rulers. The paradigm shift in the international mindset that waged a decisive onslaught against terror outfits in the aftermath of September 11, has fallen on deaf ears as regards SL is concerned.

George W Bush, in his fury against Muslim fundamentalists, has at last turned his anger on Gerry Adams, the IRA/ Sinn Fein strongman by distancing him from the St.Patrick Day festivities in Washington, where he was a regular attendee for the last 10 years. Instead, who were the invitees to the party? It was none other than the family members of the Irish man killed by the IRA terrorists. Political observers world around call this a sea change in US policy.

In a parallel note, its also is a damning indictment on the Norway’s duplicity that made a big hype on the CFA in Sri Lanka. Their much vaunted Good Friday Fake in the Northern Ireland terrorism, submitted by our peace brigade as prequalification to involve them in SL crisis received a thundering slap on its face.

Rubbing salt to the wound, the notable IRA sympathizer, Ted Kennedy, the passionately Irish blooded US Senator himself joined the fray by issuing an unequivocal message to IRA that they disband all weapons unconditionally henceforth. "No political party can also have an armed unit that continues the violence and criminality in today's world," Kennedy added.

Eventually, they, the Democrats and Republicans in one voice have told the tale pronto, as to where they stand on terrorism. In the midst we hear a cacophony from Madrid, the hottest adviser to SL Prez on conflict resolution, professing the oft repeated mantram that we must talk to the suicide bombers on their terms.

Take a casual look at the corresponding situation in Sri Lanka. LTTE, who made the IRA outfit a bunch of street urchins with its horrendous rampage on the lives of Sri Lankans in all hues, have been given a free hand to decimate all democratic Tamil leaders like Anandasangaree by Ranil/CBK Inc, under the aegis of peaceniks and white skinned mercenaries spearheaded by Solheim and Peter Harrold, who are hell-bent on creating the next Bosnia in Sri Lanka.

How long Sri Lankans would let these quacks to carry on regardless, indulging in their unholy scheme of dismembering the nation on ethnic lines, with sheer greed for the coffers of the nation?

“UPFA is a coalition of 9 parties. Just because one party is behaving in an unethical manner I shall not change my policy of giving the Tamils their due place in our society” CBK outbursts from the platform. Are Sinhalese listening to this lady, who, a few months back championed the rights of Sinhalese from rooftops when she was being kicked around by UNF. The underlying truth is that all 9 parties would still be rotting in the opposition benches if not for the strength of this unethical party that rescued her from her disgraceful hiding. She has fallen short of repeating her old story that it was JVP that killed her husband, if not for which she would have still been in the political wilderness. In her hunger for power she is testing the patience of her coalition partner to the limit which she will regret for the rest of your life.

Coincidentally, “Tamils, did you listen to her belligerent comments then?” On the contrary now listen to Ranil, the man who brazenly surrendered the sovereignty of the nation and the freedom of innocent Tamils to a bandit, in his new found voice, challenging the rights of Sinhalese and Muslims under the proposed, joint Tsunami program? How long are you going to tolerate this tongue twisting?



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