School admission - process full of lies and deception

Nagananda Kodituwakku
Attorney at Law and Solicitor England and Wales

Key figure of the UNP, G L Peiris, tell the people through media that action taken against principals who embezzle millions of rupees by fraudulent means is unacceptable. In other words what he says is that deception, corruption and bribery that introduced by the Machiavellian JRJ to the mainstream politics in 1977 that ruined the moral values in the people should be allowed to continue. People should appreciate G L Peiris for demonstrating UNP's stance against maladministration that destroyed the country.

First hand evidence of abuse of the system

As a affected parent of the system full of corruption, on behalf of the law-abiding people, I have set out below the candid viewpoint of the parents who had been denied justice for refusing to follow the established fraudulent practice of deception in school admission.

I am a old boy of Ananda College, Colombo then lived in Nugegoda. When my first son was born my friends and relatives advised me to furnish false information in my child's birth certificate i.e. to give residential address somewhere closer to the Ananda College. This deception has become very common that most people followed; not only the birth certificate, they get their name registered in the utility bills [water, electrify, phone] electoral register and some parents even get the false deed done under their name.

I have no doubt that most of the people that hold high office commit this fraud in order to get their children admitted to "popular schools". In my case I refused to commit this fraud and when applications are called for school admission I furnished an application to Ananda College with accurate information of my place of residence. And at the interview held I informed the panel that in order to admit my child to the school I have not produced any false information but requested the panel to get my child an opportunity on the basis that I was a old boy of the school. But my application was refused since there was so many "eligible applicants" who "lived" in "the surrounding area".

I took my case to the president Kumaranatunga and requested her to do justice for my child but even the president was helpless against such an organised deceptive system and finally I was compelled to admit my two sons to the Lyceum School, Nugegoda. I am sure that there are many more parents like me who were denied justice for refusing follow fraudulent practice, which is also punishable criminal office.

Admission based on ability to learn

During our time, i.e. before UNP came into power in 1977, school admissions to the popular schools were purely based on ability to learn and not on the ability of deception. Then popular schools start only at year 7 and admission to year 7 wholly based on the results year 6-scholarship exam that was absolutely fair to all.

People should applaud the president for the action taken in the right direction to stop the culture of deception and fraud. However that doesn't mean that you approve all her actions. On the other hand the UNP leadership is well known for corruption and all sorts of wrongdoing; the political party responsible for abandoning the old scheme of school admission based on ability to learn. So there is nothing to surprise when people like G L Peiris try to defend the wrongdoing. We all must realise that time is right time to stop deception and to reinstate a system based on justice and fairness to all. Irrespective of political power or clout, those who commit wrongdoing should be dealt according to law.



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