On The Latest Cowardly LTTE Attack On The Sri Lankan Navy In Mannar!

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The Tamil Tigers are clamouring for war and if this is what they want perhaps this is what needs to be handed out to them! If there was a token measure iby which this could be implemented so be it but the harsh reality remains that confrontation has to be only in a worst case scenarion and the LTTE through their grave provocations seem to be pushing exactly towards this in rabid desperation!.

There can be no turning of the other cheek to the terrorist vermin who have infiltrated the Sri Lankan Legislature through their proxies, the Sinhalese inhabited areas of the Nation through the floodgates opened by the Wickremasinghe regime as well as covert creeping into areas controlled by the Armed Forces in the North and East of Sri Lanka and go around proclaiming their rights and righteousness behind a mantle of surreptitious killings , intimidations and criminal activity while the Sri Lankan Armed Forces await a signal from higher authority to retaliate while their fellow officers keep falling to enemy fire, landmines and ambushes. So how many more brave young soldiers, sailors and and Police officers need to be sacrificed before the miserable cowards of the LTTE under the guise of being freedom fighters albeit in reality a bunch of rabid armed lunatics need to be put out of their misery towards the well being of Sri Lanka for good?

The latest report of an attack on naval ships by suspected Sri Lankan rebels which has triggered a clash at sea where lives of Armed personnel have been lost and some gone missing is despicable and cowardly. It is the latest in a series of violent attacks that are threatening to unravel a nearly four-year-long ceasefire where it may very well come to pass that the ceasefire might soon be a figure of speech where necessity might be the mother of invention towards securing Sri Lanka from its enemies!

A raging battle has taken place in coastal waters off Mannar Sri Lanka, about 250 kilometers northwest of the capital, Colombo where the LTTE true to their cowardly style has staged an ambush on the Sri Lankan Navy while hiding amidst a fleet of fishing boats and has promptly denied any involvement.The ambush on the Naval vessels bear all the hallmarks of the LTTE and has sparked an exchange of gunfire between them and the Sri Lankan Navy. Latest reports indicate one sailor being wounded in the assault, and three missing. The Navy is reported to have captured seven rebels.

The onus on an immediate response by the Sri Lankan authorities seems imminent , regardless of whatever the ceasefire obligations might be bearing in mind that this is neither a pacifist agreement undertaken by the Security Forces which rescinds the right to defend themselves in the face of terrorist attacks nor a one sided cop out towards restraint in the face of grave provocation which this attack constitutes as Sri Lankan Security Forces appear to have been deliberately targeted.There can be no conciliations by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces towards any accord which has mandated a two sided acceptance of responsibility towards maintaining the Peace Agreement and Ceasefire and the President who has vowed to take a hardline stance against any further violations and breaches of the signed accords by the LTTE which will now be expected as obligatory with all due respect, to roll into action towards his pledges and counter measures taken in whatever form necessary.

If this is brinksmanship by the LTTE towards provoking the Sri Lankan Armed Forces into confrontation or an attemopt to force the hand of the New Administration of Mahinda Rajapakse to give into LTTE demads relative to their recognition in the North and East of Sri Lanka there should be a clear message sent in their direction that they just might end up biting the bullet of their own creation towards their ungainly demise! where the all important slogan might be conducive towards Sri Lanka's well being that " the the only good tigers are the ones in Zoos. coralled, caught and put behind bars or destroyed if rabid!



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