Give Murali The Benefit Of The Doubt!

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Some have had the audacity to name Murali as an LTTE Sympathiser! It would seem wrong an unfair to incarcerate Muttiah Muralitharan on the allegations presented herein as they seem to be baseless, unfounded and have no tangible proof. The allegations against him also make a misguided proclamation ( which Murali will not be too amused about ) that he is an Indian Tamil in a team of predominantly Sinhalese which is not only inaccurate but could also be interpreted as one with racial intonations, so what if he is in fact a Sri Lankan Tamil? Is the implication suggested here that Murali has to pay obeisance and stand to attention in a team of majority Sinhalese? and be denied his rights and freedom of speech?

It seems an affront to the known integrity of Muttiah Muralitharan who is revered and respected even by overseas teams such as the Counties he played for in England .To use loose and callous expressions such as 'dim witted', 'idiot', "he engages in speech without engaging his brain " must surely come from the true idiots here with no sense of respect or decorum towards whom they are attempting to incarcerate short of being libellous and obtusely verbose! To also suggest that Murali with his suspected leanings towards the LTTE (which is an unproven allegation) could increase tensions within the team seems an appalling attempt towards inciting an non existent situation within the team thus far and a dangerous one for both the individuals concerned as well as for Sri Lankan Cricket.

The examples cited about crowd responses in Australia due to Murali's presence, the stand taken by Arjuna Ranatunga when Murali was involved in the now famous incident where he was called for chucking and the suggestion that Murali should show gratitude towards the air of support and warmth extended to him by his fellow team members are genuinely acceptable in any sense albeit a condition of response expected of any player towards the unity of any team.

There is also a greater indemnity and obligation towards the team's need to stand by someone as outstanding, congenial and compassionate as Murali who has never shown any discriminatory traits in preference to any ethnic group let alone the LTTE terrorists and to protect him from malicious antagonists. Is there not a modicum of reasoning here which lends some credibility to a highly intelligent individual whose only failing seems to be a natural aberration of his bowling arm and his overly extended concerns for his countrymen which constantly seems to land him in hot water and should there not be at least an iota of hesitancy towards making such accusations based on how flimsy their sources are and how inadequate the substance is towards any credibility other than hearsay!

Sadly the name of former well respected World Cup Winning Sri Lankan Skipper Arjuna Ranatunga too has been dragged into the fray and a somewhat contentious suggestion has been implied that he is on a collission course with Murali over comments made during one of Murali's humanitarian efforts after the Tsunami disaster and while the allegations are eyebrow raising in a sensationalistic perspective they seem far too unbecoming of Murali who at all times is a diplomat and an ambassador of Sri Lankan congeniality which is an observation made by many who know him personally where the aberrations might be relative to the man's high profile and easily prone to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.They could also have been concoted towards creating enmity between Murali and his team mates by unscrupulous individuals from within the LTTE itself who would surely smack their chops with satisfaction as a result of their Fait Acompli! Perhaps Murali needs to excercise greater caution towards his activities which might leave him vulnerable to the designs of the terrorists! inadvertently on his part.

Arjuna Ranatunga's statement to the Daily Telegraph as quoted is relative to the statements made by the mendacious LTTE organization which has accused the Sri Lankan Government of suppressing aid to Tamil areas , also a blatant concoction of the truth which has nothing to do with Muralitharan albeit being quoted as angered consequently towards suggesting that Velupillai Pirapaharan has given dignity to the Tamils which needs to be clarified and classified towards any credence! It would also suggest if true that the man must either be an imbecile or someone of measured cunning and thereby reason enough towards confirming and upholding the allegations that he might indeed be a man of devious intent and divided personality! A tragedy of immeasurable perspective, imagined at this stage however as the Muralitharan known to the world is one smart cookie who would hardly leave his guard open to such villification and incarceration!

There are also reports coming out of New Zealand by correspondents of Sri Lankan news journals that Murali is in trouble again and that he has shot his big mouth off over comments made on his 'doosra and considering the hoopla and hype of the issue in recent times where the ICC the governing body of cricket has relaxed the requirements of the bowling arm relative to angle and trajectory Murali's comments that he will bowl the Doosra as the authorities have not called for restrictions seems perfectly in order and no reason to be crucified for.Unfortunately for him his opinions regardless of sagacity are publicised more infamously than famously despite his entitlements to free speech and often woven ito a meaningless web of intrigue being the intriguing and beguiling man Murali is!

Considering the seriousness of the former allegation that Muttiah Muralitharan is a supporter of LTTE terrorist Velupillai Pirapaharan while all along he has maintained an impeccable air of non partisan diplomacy over his views on the Sri Lankan ethnic strife and the lucidity of allegations about his being on a collision course with Arjuna Ranatunga who is to be the groomsman at Muralis wedding, an event scheduled for the near future, there seems to be an air of conjecture and paranoid speculation by some of the journalists who truly seem to be out for Murali's blood. And if they must pursue this course with intenet against one of Sri Lanka's finest sons and possibly her greatest cricketer given the statistics, they should at least arm themselves with tangible evidence and detailed information about their accusations and even then it would be a matter of interpretation as it involves the spoken word as relayed by individuals whose credentials need establishing perhaps towards any existing prejudices and biases and as long as this condition prevails Muttiah Muralitharan has to be given the benefit of the doubt!



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