It is almost a month now since the ferocious Tsunami tidal waves devastated the coastal areas of our country. Many steps have been taken to rebuild the ravaged areas, resettle the displaced and enliven the lives of those affected. In the midst of these activities there are signs of heightened scrupulous activities being carried out by the anti-national forces to achieve their tenacious objectives that they failed to gain currency in the pre-Tsunami era. The government should be vigilant and cautious about these veiled moves, and the people in unison should oppose and defeat these conspiracies.

The speed with which many countries rushed to aid and assist us in numerous ways is unprecedented and highly appreciable. However, the manner Norway entered the scene, the composition of its delegation, and its activities are highly suspicious and reproachful. Its activities in Sri Lanka this week indicated that it give great importance to LTTE than the legitimate Sri Lankan government and it is committed to extend its fullest cooperation and assistance to protect and further the objectives of the LTTE.

At a time almost all the world leaders, including the Secretary General of the United Nations clearly expressed in no uncertain terms that they recognize only the Sri Lankan government as the sole authority in Sri Lanka, Norway not only violated this international paradigm and proceeded to the Vanni jungle to discuss with the terrorist outfit and thereby give it international exposure and legitimize its nefarious claim for the ownership of a territory.

As a result of the meeting the white tiger Norwegians had with them, the terrorist outfit had mooted the idea of including their representatives in a common programme with the government for providing relief assistance in the Northern and Eastern provinces. This had been presented as a camouflaged proposal of their willingness to cooperate with the government. They have also demanded to include one of their members in the specially formed International Trust Fund initiated by the World Bank to provide relief to the people hit by the disaster.

Assignment of a representative to an international body will automatically give international recognition to the terrorist outfit. The government should be very much cautious about these hidden moves, under the sponsorship of the white tiger Norwegians, to legitimize the terrorist claim of territorial authority.

The government should unswervingly establish its authority in the whole country and assign the armed forces the task of attending to relief work, under its complete control. Sri Lanka should also take a lesson from the Indonesian example where it completely ignored and shunned the Aceh rebels although it had the backing from powerful western countries in the pre-Tsunami era, and took complete control of relief activities.

If the LTTE has a true interest about the people as it claims, let it help the armed forces in the distribution of relief assistance and other relief related work being undertaken by the armed forces, as it is being done by those in Aceh who had been rebelling against the Indonesian government.

If the terrorist outfit is genuinely interested in the welfare of the nation as a whole, let it disarm their armed and naval forces, denounce terrorism and repudiate its separatist objectives. It is only under these conditions the government should give any consideration to white tiger Norwegian insinuations, being presented on behalf of the terrorist outfit.



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