The Reactionary bandwagon is on its way, with a din and a clamour…Chandrika at the head, carrying a rolled up copy of the JM to be handed over to the Sun God….

Charles Perera, France

The proposed Joint Mechanism brings all reactionary forces together., with an increased desire to isolate the JVP, trying to force its hand to fall in line with them.

The reactionary bandwagon already has Ranil Wickramasingha, Michael Perera and the whole of UNF, including G.L. Pieris and Jehan Perera. Sunday Leader, suddenly deciding to support Chandrika, is following the band wagon, adding to strengthen its bona fide with a scoop, that Chandrica has 35 documents incriminating the JVP Minsters on the strength of which they will be arrested if they leave the Government…..

SLFP will of course follow in step with their Leader, with Dilan Perera carrying the torch. Rauff Hackim who was responsible for toppling the PA Government, moans that the President has not yet sent him the promised report. He will eventually join the bandwagon no doubt, not wanting to be left out, specially when Ferial Ashraff has promised to join in, despite her not knowing what the mechanism is exactly about.

Douglas Devananda joins as well, perhaps because he cannot do otherwise being a Minister, and not knowing when the LTTE will hurl the next bomb at him. Ranil had added that the President should stop talking and start to act. What advice !, coming from a man who when he was in power was not heard of when GL with his famous “paradigm shifts” gave in to LTTE nearly parting with “lock stock and barrel.”

Nothing has been heard from the Political analysts such as the Professor Jayadeva Uyangoda, Kumar Rupasinghe and Wickramabahu etc. Batty Weerakoon and Vasudeva Nanayakkara have not still said where they would be, in relation to the reactionary bandwagon.

TNA MP, Sampanthan is of course a live wire of the reactionary forces, being part of the LTTE. He does not see the Joint Mechanism, as any thing different from ISGA, he says:

"……Word must be translated into action and there needs to be a proper implementation of any agreement arrived at. The Tamil people were insistent on an ISGA- call it what you may- because they wanted to see powers transferred in the interim being properly implement. Implementation is the only key to success

"Tamil speaking people cannot be denied their right to self-determination within a united country any longer” (TamilNet 24.05.05)

He speaks of forces against negotiations with LTTE as those who want a Unitary state of Sri Lanka. Making sure Prabhakaran’s pistol barrel is not turned towards him, Sampanthan says: "The forces who opposed negotiations with the LTTE are forces committed tocontinuing the present structure of governance in this country, who want a unitary structure of government to continue, who want majority hegemony to continue. If these forces succeed, the peace process must inevitably collapse with all its horrendous consequences," said Mr.R.Sampanthan, parliamentary group leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), in a recent one-day debate on the current state of the peace process, parliamentary sources said.

Reading Sampanthan, it makes clear where the reactionary bandwagon is going to take us to.

In the meantime the Digamadulla Sinhala Handa organizes protest demonstrations in Ampara Town making an effort to let the sad voices heard, above the clamorous uproar of the reactionary bandwagon:

“….While the political parties hold divergent views on the proposed joint mechanism, Digamadulla Sinhala Handa (Voice of the Sinhalese) had organized a demonstration to protest against the joint mechanism and it was held in the Ampara Town. Over 1,000 people had joined the protest. They alleged that under cloak of rehabilitation and providing tsunami relief, there was a move to give the North and East to the LTTE. They said they have been the victims of this terrorist group for long years and they would not allow the government to hand over their future to this terrorist group.

According to Sinhala Handa movement, with the departure of Karuna Amman, Digamadulla has been freed from the bondage. Under this circumstance it is not advisable and if the joint mechanism is created it would be an act of betrayal and giving into LTTE demands, they pointed out…..”(Colombo Page 24.05.05)

May someone hear their meek voice over the din and clamour of the reactionary band wagon.



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